The rate of incarceration in prison increased from 27 per 100,000 women in 1985 to 57 per 100,000 in 1998. Men still outnumber women in the inmate population by a factor of about 14 to 1, but the gap is narrowing – from 17 to 1 a decade ago. Women constituted only 4 percent of the total prison and jail population in the United State in 1980 but more than 6 percent in 1998.The topic of the passage is
A. The Increasing Number of Women in Jail
B. Men Versus Women in Jail
C. Overcrowded Prisons.
D.Incarceration in America


Answer 1

The topic of the passage mentioned above is "The Increasing Number of Women in Jail". Thus, option A is correct.

What is passage?

A passage is a piece or segment of a literary work, often known as a paragraph, stanza, etc.

The primary, or most essential, notion in a paragraph or phrase is referred to as the main idea. It establishes the purpose and direction of the paragraph or sentence. The core notion might be presented explicitly or impliedly.

According to the passage, the rate of imprisonment in jail has grown negatively. Men continue to outnumber women in the prison population. Women made up only 4% of the overall prison and jail population in the United States.

The above-mentioned passage's theme is "The Increasing Number of Women in Jail." Therefore, it can be concluded that option A is correct.

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Answer 2
Answer: The answer is A. The increasing number of women in jail.

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