According to Madison, the national government and the state governments all get their power from


Answer 1

As per the statements given by Madison, the national government and the state governments all get their power from the people of the United States.

What is the significance of the powers of government?

In the United States, the powers of the government have been delegated in their individual capacities to the federal as well as the state governments. The powers that these governments hold are either substantial or whole powers.

As per the statements made by Madison about the democratic American society, he made it clear that all the federal as well as the state governments get their powers from the people that constitute the population of America.

Therefore, the significance regarding the views of Madison on the powers of government has been aforementioned.

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Answer 2


t]They get there power from the people


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ever heard of a peace treaty? yeah, that.

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I think the answer would be B

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H jesus of nazareth



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I think it could be B

my last 2 questions ❤️❤️


D and A please I really need points