Psychoanalytic theories of personality emphasize _____ and humanistic theories of personality emphasize _____.


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Answer: Psychoanalytic theories of personality emphasize unconscious forces and childhood experiences, and humanistic theories of personality emphasize personal growth motives. The personality is the set of behaviors, feelings, and thoughts that the person presents throughout his life. Various psychological theories have described the personality based on various factors, such as the common characteristics that people have, the traits that represent them or the origin of the personality.

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Answer 2

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Psychoanalytic theories of personality focus on the unconscious mind and unresolved childhood conflicts while humanistic theories focus on the inherent goodness of people and their drive for self-actualization.


Psychoanalytic theories of personality emphasize the unconscious mind and unresolved conflicts from childhood. They are deeply rooted in the work of Sigmund Freud who posited that personality is largely determined by the interaction of three key components: the id, the ego, and the superego. The id represents instinctual needs, the ego tries to satisfy those needs in a societally acceptable way, and the superego serves as our moral conscience.

On the flip side, humanistic theories of personality emphasize the inherent goodness of humans and their drive towards self-actualization. They focus on human potential and purpose in life, giving special importance to the concepts of free will and individual experience. Carl Rogers and Abraham Maslow were key contributors to this field, with Maslow's hierarchy of needs being a major component of humanistic theories.

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