According to the article by Brooks, successful entrepreneurs are most interested in A.job security. gain.

C.personal fulfillment.

D. a flexible working environment.


Answer 1

Personal Fulfillment

Further Explanation:

Entrepreneurship is a process of designing a new business because earlier it was a small business. The person who creates these types of businesses is known as entrepreneurs. It is defined as the capacity to develop, manage the business venture and taking the risk to earn the profit. High risk is involved in launching any startup. But there is a risk associated with launching a start-up because most of the start-ups are closed due to lack of funds, economic crisis. In economic terms, an entrepreneur is an entity which can find, act upon the opportunities by translating the invention into the products and services. They can recognize the potential of any resource. They have the skills to organize the capital and resources into viable innovation. Entrepreneurship captures innovative activities for the establishment of any firm. Entrepreneurs are the managers that look after the growth of the enterprise. It shifts economic resources from lower to higher productivity.

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1. Why did President Reagan call for soviet leader Gorbachev to “tear down” the berlin wall?

2. In a parliamentary system of representative democracy, the prime minister is appointed by the monarch. is elected by representatives chosen by the people. is the leader of the party that won the most seats in parliament. is elected directly by the people.

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Grade: High School

Chapter: Entrepreneurship

Subject: Social Science


Designing, new business, business venture, opportunities, potential, resource, innovative, higher productivity.

Answer 2
Answer: C. Personal Fulfillment 

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A. b. Is it good to have child labour in your house or community? Explain why or why not.​
1. According to utilitarianism, slavery A. is intrinsically wrong. B. can never be justified. C. can be justified under certain circumstances. D. both a and b
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By “social change,” sociologists mean fundamental alterations in


By "social change," sociologists mean fundamental alterations in "the patterns of culture, structure, and social behavior".

Social change refers to an adjustment in the social request of a general public. Social change may incorporate changes in nature, social establishments, social practices, or social relations. It also refers to the adjustment of components inside the social structure, described by changes in social images, principles of conduct, social associations, or esteem frameworks.

what roles and responsibilities do the media have in reporting human rights violations in responsible manner in a democratic society​



The media's role is to ensure that the counter-checks and balances that are necessary to promote human rights to the audience. By reporting human rights violations, society will be able to see what will happen and will encourage necessary assemblies to fight against these abuses.


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To prepare for the Los Voladores dance, the men go into the woods to find a tall straight tree, strip it of its branches and drag it to the center of the town where the ritual is presented. They loop the pole with vines to make it easy for the dancers to climb, they secure a platform and a wooden outrigging with ropes wound around the pole and then they erect the pole in a pit anchored by rocks.a. True
b. False


They loop the trees with poles and wines to make it easy for the climbers. The answer is true.

What is the dance of the Los Volandes ?

The preparation of the dance of the  Los Volandes the men go in woods and find a tall trees that is a right tree and strip it of the branch's and drag it to their town where the ritual is present.

As the Danza of Voladores is a type of  ritual of a immense theological and a  ceremonial meaning derived from either the state of Mexico city Veracruz.

At the end of the day, the activity extended through Mexico including across the Nicaragua.

Find out more information about the Los Voladores dance.


The given scenario is "True".


  • The Danza de Los Voladores seems to be a rite of immense theological as well as ceremonial meaning derived from either the state of Mexico city Veracruz. At either the end of the day, the activity extended through Mexico including across to Nicaragua.
  • It was among the most dramatic moments again for the crowd, when he demonstrates his dance balanced at just the top of either a peak without even a brace or safety. The base is beginning to spin, as well as the four voladores are starting to roll off again and start to rotate the pole counterclockwise.

After reading the henry potter books, dawn describes henry potter as insightful, original, curious, and intellectual, as well as generous, kind, considerate, and forgiving. according to the five-factor personality model, henry is high in __________ and high in __________.


The correct answer is openness and agreeableness. (There might be a typo in your question, where you are referring to Harry Potter as Henry Potter?).

According to the Five-factor personality model individuals possess five universal personality traits in which they can rank either, low, or moderate. Openness refers to the extent to which a person is open-minded, willing to try new experiences or things, imaginative, able to think abstractly and embrace changes.

on the other hand refers to the extent to which a person is cooperative, considerate, kind and helpful towards others. A person high in agreeableness expresses the aforementioned traits. On the other hand a person low in agreeableness would be difficult to get along with, unhelpful, often rude and lacks empathy for others.

Scratch ploughs were often pulled by
B. goats
C. sheep
D. donkeys


Scratch ploughs were often pulled by donkeys. Thus, option 'D' is the correct option.

What is the use of ploughs?

Simple scratch tools quickly evolved from the first hand-held instrument more than 4,000 years ago. Typically, oxen were used to pull these ancient ploughs. Farmers could plough the soil more quickly and easily with the help of animals, producing more food for their families. A straightforward light plough without a mouldboard is known as an ard, and plough, or scratch plough.

It is equipped with a symmetrical share that follows a shallow furrow without inverting the soil and is symmetrical on each side of its line of draft. The ard breaks up a small strip of soil and drills a shallow furrow (or drill), leaving the surrounding strips intact, as opposed to cutting and rotating the soil to create ridged furrows.

Learn more about ploughs, here:



Scratch ploughs were often pulled by __________.

A.  cows

B.  goats

C.  sheep

D.  donkeys



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Which idea that emerged as a result of the protestant reformation is also reflected in modern Democratic government? A. Self - government

B. Religious tolerance

C. Humanism

D. Censorship


The right answer is b