a gift box measures 14 inch by 12 inch by 6 inch how much wrapping paper is needed to exactly cover box


Answer 1
Answer: I drew this out in paint so it was easier to see, 480 was the end answer

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Evaluate the function f(x)=4•7^x for x=-1 and x2 show your work
Ruth has the following set of refrigerator magnets: {A, B, C, D, E}. (a) How many different three-letter strings can she form with these magnets? (b) How many different three-letter strings can she form if the middle letter must be a vowel?
What is the sampling method used in the following scenario? The marketing manager for an electronics chain store wants information about the ages of its customers. Over the next two weeks, at each store location, 100 randomly selected customers are given questionnaires to fill out asking for information about age, as well as about other variables of interest.
Jenna must run a total of 12 miles on Monday.Jenna ran 3 5/6 miles in morning and 4 1/12 miles in the afternoon.How many miles does Jenna still need to run before the end of the day?•1 9/12•4 1/12•7 11/12•5 5/12
Select the steps for solving the equation need one more already have two

Zachary invested $5,300 in an account paying an interest rate of 9 % compoundedcontinuously. Peyton invested $5,300 in an account paying an interest rate of 85%

compounded quarterly. After 9 years, how much more money would Zachary have in

his account than Peyton, to the nearest dollar?


After 9 years, Zachary has $615.2 more than Peyton in his account.

What is compound interest?

A loan or deposit's interest is computed using the starting principle and the interest payments from the ago decade as compound interest.

We know that the compound interest is given as

A = P(1 + r)ⁿ

Where A is the amount, P is the initial amount, r is the rate of interest, and n is the number of years.

The equation is given as,

\rm P=P_oe^(rt)

Zachary invested $5,300 in an account paying an interest rate of 9 % compounded continuously. Then the amount is calculated as,

\rm P = \$5,300 * e^((0.09* 9))\n

P = $5,300 × 2.2479

P = $11,913.9

Peyton invested $5,300 in an account paying an interest rate of 85% compounded quarterly. Then the amount is calculated as,

\rm A = \$5,300 * \left (1 + (8.5)/(400) \right )^(4 * 9)

A = $5,300 × 2.1318

A = $11,298.7

The difference is given as,

D = $11,913.9 - $11,298.7

D = $615.2

After 9 years, Zachary has $615.2 more than Peyton in his account.

More about the compound interest link is given below.




Step-by-step explanation:




The value of a car is $30,000 and depreciates at a rate of 6.5% each year.What will the value of the car be after 5 years? Round to the nearest cent.



Step-by-step explanation:

6.5% of 30000

6.5/100 x 30000

(6.5 x 30000)/100


First year depreciation 30000-1950=28050

Second year=28050-1950=26100

Third year=26100-1950=24150

Fourth year=24150-1950=22200

Fifth year=22200-1950=20250

The question is: 5 < b - 3



8 <b

Step-by-step explanation:

5 < b - 3

Add 3 to each side

5+3< b-3+3

8 <b


8 < b

Step-by-step explanation:

1. Add 3 by both sides to eliminate the -3 on b - 3.

2. You get 8 < b.

The world’s fastest flying insect is the dragonfly. It can fly 36 miles per hour. If a dragonfly flew in a straight path at this rate, what distance would it fly in 15 minutes? (1 hour = 60 minutes) *


The total number of  distance the word fastest insect in 15 minutes would fly is 9 miles

How to determine the number distance it would fly

from the question, we have the following parameters that can be used in our computation:

Speed = 36 miles per hour

Time = 15 minutes = 1/4 hour

The distance it would fly​ is calculated as

Distance = Speed * Time

Substitute the known values in the above equation, so, we have the following representation

Distance = 36 miles per hour * 1/4 hour


Distance = 9 miles

Hence, the number of  distance it would fly is 9 miles

Read more about speed at



The answer is 9.
Step explanation: 36x15=540, after that just break down your 60x. then, divide 60 ÷ 540, which it gives you equal 9x.

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What does the expression (8x)2 represent


Option D is correct.

We have an expression that is used to calculate the area of a square - s^(2), where s is the side of the square.

We have to estimate the value of the expression(8x)^(2)

What is the area and perimeter of a square of side 'a' ?

The area of a square is - Area = a^(2) and the perimeter is - P  = 4a.

In the question, we have to estimate the value of the expression (8x)^(2).

Let f(x) = (8x)^(2)

The expression given to us is s^(2).

Let f(s) = s^(2)

Compare f(s) and f(x), you will get -

s = 8x

Hence, the expression (8x)^(2) represents the area of square with side length of 8x.

Hence, Option D is correct.

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option d

Step-by-step explanation:

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