Can someone tell me what to do on this ):
Can someone tell me what to do on this ): - 1


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Answer: On the periodic table, you will see that they are grouped into different groups. Well, on the right, you have the groups, obviously. You are supposed to match the elements to the group that it is in.

(If you don't know the groups, you can find one online under images.)
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There is more kinetic energy in a molecule of water that is in liquid state than there isin a water molecule that is in a solid state.O TrueO False
In the presence of lidocaine, the action potential was NOT affected at R1 because _______. In the presence of lidocaine, the action potential was NOT affected at R1 because _______. lidocaine doesn't have an effect on the generation of action potentials lidocaine was applied upstream of R1 lidocaine was applied downstream of R1 there are no voltage-gated sodium channels to be affected
Which statement is an example of the inter- dependence of organisms?(1)Owls hunt at night.(2)Ants get food from insects and protect insects from predators.(3)Ticks feed on the blood of animals and the ticks grow larger.(4)Crows feed on dead mice.
Gametes are:O the body cells of an organismO cells found in prokaryotesO complex cells found only in plantsO the reproductive cells of an organism
Cyclin-dependent kinases (cdks are enzymes involved with the control of mitosis; drs. lee hartwell and paul nurse won the nobel prize for physiology or medicine in 2001 for their work on cdks. what organism was used to study these enzymes

When a substance undergoes a phase change, the massincreases


stays the same

increases or decreases depending on the phase change


The answer is "stays the same".

Whether what kind of process the substance undergoes, the mass will stay the same. When a substance undergoes a phase change, the weight of the substance would either increases or decreases but the mass will definitely stay the same.

Which of these make up the vascular tissue?


Vascular tissue consists of xylem and phloem.


Vascular tissue could be a advanced conducting tissue, shaped of over one cell kind, found in vascular plants. the first parts of plant tissue are the vascular tissue and vascular tissue. These 2 tissues transport fluid and nutrients internally. The cells in plant tissue are generally long and slender

Phloem make up the vascular tissue. It helps in the transportation of the food prepared by the leaves of the plant.

Further Explanation:

Phloem is made up of vascular or livingtissue. It uses the turgor pressure that helps in the transportation of sugar to each part of the plants. It also supports the transportation of proteins and m RNA (messenger ribonucleic acid) to each region of the plants.

Phloem is composed of certain specialized cellssuch as sieve tubes, phloem fibers, companion cells and parenchyma cells. The phloem is divided into two types namely; primary phloem and secondary phloem. The primary phloem consists of the apical meristem. It is a region of new cell formation. It lies on the tip of root and shoot. It is further divided into two types; protophloem or metaphloem. The cell of Protophloem mature before elongation, whereas metaphloem mature after cell elongation. Secondary phloem resides in the plant that have a cambium.

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1. Learn more about a haploid cell during meiosis

2. Learn more about how are mitosis and binary fission similar

3. Learn more about a dividing eukaryotic cell that is treated with a drug that inhibits the shortening of spindle microtubules. This will cause the cell division cycle to stop at the ____ stage.

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Phloem, vascular, tissue, food, turgor, pressure, sugar, plants, proteins, messenger-ribonucleic acid, sieve tube, companion, parenchyma, apical, meristem, protophloem, metaphloem, cambium, elongation.

Describe the production and processing of a protein that that will be exported from a eukaryotic cell.


firts you begin with the separation of the messenger (RNA) from the (DNA) template and end with the release of the protein at the plasma membrane.

Some fish and amphibians have _____, which detect electrical fields that help them navigate through dark, murky waters.A. photoreceptors
B. olfactory receptors
C. electroreceptors
D. thermoreceptors


Electroreceptors. Fishes use this ability since the water is a betterelectrical conductor than air. It helps them to know their location, torecognize their location in the water. They can also find objects due tothe electrical fields. This is the correct.
The answer is C. Electroreceptors are used by certain species of fish to detect electrical fields. This can be helpful in finding prey or avoiding predators. It is a specialized ability, though, and many animals do not posses this trait.

Cellulose is made up of a large number of ______ units. A) Glucose B) Amino acids C) Fatty acids D) Ribonucleotides