Determine whether each number is rational or irrational
determine whether each number is rational or irrational - 1


Answer 1

A is rational

B is irrational

Product of a and b is irrational.

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What are three ways a rectangle and a square are alike


-- Each has 4 sides.
-- Opposite sides of each are parallel.
-- Opposite sides of each have equal length.
-- Interior angles of each sum to 360 degrees.
-- Each is a special case of parallelogram.
-- Each has all interior angles equal.
-- Area of either one is (length) x (width).

Rectangles and squares are alike in that both have two pairs of parallel sides and four right angles. They are different because a square must have four equal sides lengths and a rectangle has two pairs of equal side lengths.

What is the vertex of the function f(x) = 1x2 + 3x + 3?




Step-by-step explanation:

If you graph it you can see the vertex

If f(x)=5x+4, which of the following is the inverse of f(x)?


Solution,\mathrm{Inverse\:of}\:5x+4:\quad (x-4)/(5)



\mathrm{Interchange\:the\:variables}\:x\:\mathrm{and}\:y, x=5y+4


\mathrm{Switch\:sides}, 5y+4=x

\mathrm{Subtract\:}4\mathrm{\:from\:both\:sides}, 5y+4-4=x-4

\mathrm{Simplify}, 5y=x-4

\mathrm{Divide\:both\:sides\:by\:}5, (5y)/(5)=(x)/(5)-(4)/(5)

\mathrm{Simplify}, y=(x-4)/(5)




A 9 3/5 inch long pipe is cut into eight equal length pieces. How long is each piece?




Step-by-step explanation:

9 3/5 divided by 8

on call 3.5 hour $10 talk time 1/2 hour $1.25 what is the unit rate in dollar per hour for each company


48. On call = 3.5 hours for 10 dollars=> ½ hour for 1.25 dollars.Now, let’s solve the unit rate for each companyfirst = 3.5 hour / 10 dollars=> 10 / 3.5=> Unit rate is 2.9 dollars/hrSecond company = ½ hour for 1.25 dollars=> 1.25 / .5=> 0.25 dollars / hr.Thus, the first company pays better than the second one because it pays 2.9 dollars every hour of talk compare to the 2nd one which pays only 0.25 dollars per hr.

A baby weighed 3.2 kg at birth. She gained 0.17 kg per week. She now weighs 5.75 kg. How old is she now?


5.75 (weight now) - 3.2 (weight at birth) = 2.55 (how much weight she has gained)

2.55 (how much weight she has gained) / 0.17 (weight gained per week) = 15 weeks

The baby is 15 weeks old.