How do you do this problem?
how do you do this problem? - 1


Answer 1
Answer: The pythagorean theorem states that a² + b² = c². 
We have a = 10 and c = 20. 
100 + b² = 400 
Subtract 100 from each side. 
b² = 300 
Get the square root of 300. 
It could be expressed as b ≈ 17.321, or could stay in radical form as√(300)
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Answer= - 3/25


-12/100 or simplified to -3/25

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The greatest perimeter would be 12 cm

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314 inches
12 per month
 2 months
2 times 12=24

corerct metathod is
314+12+12 or
314+(2 times 12)


Multiply 3 1/4 x 2 and then add 1/2  is the wrong correct number of inches

Step-by-step explanation

Because the correct inch is 4 1/4 while the equation 3 1/4 x 2 plus 1/2 is wrong :)

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OK.  Thanks for clarifying that.

-- If the original number is negative, then its opposite is greater.

-- If the original number is positive, then its opposite is smaller.

-- So the opposite of a number is sometimes greater than the number itself.

it can be greater
example -3 the opposite is 3
it can be smaller
example 3 the opposite is -3

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six times a number


The sum of this and 25


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Please answer these three math questions!


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10. Both cities have unguessable rainfalls.
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