Your diaphragm is a muscle that helps you breathe. Do you think this muscle is voluntary or involuntary? Explain.


Answer 1
Answer: involuntary because you can't control it.

Answer 2
Answer: I think its Both. Not 100% on this one sorry

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Sandra has never been a big fan of heights. Tomorrow, she is going on a zip line trip with her friends. Which of the following might Sandra experience tonight?Anxiety attackSuicidal thoughtsAbility to focusBalanced eating habitsI think it is A
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How does the Zika virus affect a person's daily life


Zika is a virus that can cause rash, fever, pink eye (conjunctivitis), or joint pain.

Which of the following is a promise advertisers could make to promote healthy living through their fitness training program? "Our supplements will increase your stamina!"
"Pair aerobic exercise with fresh foods!"
"These pre-packaged products encourage muscle gains!"
"You can add ten pounds of muscle mass by next week!"



"Pair aerobic exercise with fresh foods!"


In order to promote healthy living they should use the sentnce that promotes aerobic exercise with fresh foods, so they are promoting a balanced diet and a healthier style of life by setting people for exercise and ecnouraging them and telling them that not only a good diet is necessary in order to have a healthy life, exercise is also a must do.

You can add ten pounds of muscle mass by next week

Christopher came down with chicken pox after spending time in his child’s day care. The chicken pox represents what link in the chain of transmission in this scenario?A.
susceptible host
infectious agent
mode of transmission
portal of entry


b.) infectious agent

Explain how a mutation in an individual's DNA occurs, and describe the effect it may have on the individual's traits.


Mutation occurs in an individuals DNA when their is a change in genetic material. Their are many kind of mutations including insertion and deletion. They speak for themselve. Mutations are usually harmful but can sometimes be a benefit because it causes immunity. The effect mutation can have on a individuals trait is that it causes a chromosome of a gene to be missing, resulting in incompletence. The effect of this can be seen mutations like Down Syndrome. I hope this helped u because i have been learning about this in my biology class recently.


A Mutation is a shift that generates in an individual DNA sequence, which might be due to the faults when the DNA is comparing or as the result of chemical and physical agents in an environment such as Smog or cigarette smoke or ultraviolet rays.

The most common effect of Mutation on individuals is, it causes both internal and external Mutation.

Cats may have straight or curly ears. A cat with curly ears mated with a straight-eared cat. All the kittens had curly ears. Are curly ears a dominant orrecessive trait? Explain your answer.


I believe that curly ears are dominant because all the kittens had curly ears.
You have to assume that this is complete dominance and one of these traits is dominant. To get the recessive characteristic, the alleles (versions of the gene) both have to be recessive (both lower case). But to have the dominant phenotype, either both alleles could be dominant (upper case) or you could have one of each (heterozygous, where you have one upper case and one lower case). 

So there are two possibilities for genotype of the cat with the dominant characteristic. Since you don't know (yet) which it is, just use the letters "E" and "e" and set up the two possible Punnett squares: 



In the first Punnett square, all the offspring have the same genotype, so they would also have the same phenotype. In the second square, you have offspring with two genotypes, one of which would produce the dominant phenotype (Ee) and one of which would produce the recessive phenotype (ee). Since your problem states that all the offspring have the same phenotype, the correct Punnett square is the first one where all the kittens are heterozygous (Ee). Since the dominant allele (E) masks the recessive allele (e), then curly ears has to be the dominant trait, since that's the phenotype of all the kittens.

Sorry if this is confusing... D: 

You can keep your heart strong by:


Eat healthy foods and exercise.

Exercise and eating healthy