The average score for the high school golf team was 76.9 what is the word form for 76.9


Answer 1
Answer: Seventy-six and nine tenths. (Formal)
Seventy-six point nine (informal)
Answer 2
Answer: Seventy six and nine tenths.
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What is 360 divided by 2?
Solve:-10²23³14³52²I don't know how to do this. please Help! Thanks in advance.
Want 100 Points??? Then plz help me on my HW. A grocery store advertises cherries on sale for $2 per pound. At a different store, Millie paid $11 for 2 3_4pounds of cherries. How much more did Millie pay per pound for cherries than if she had bought them on sale? Explain
Round 1.069 to the nearest tenth
A 150 pound man burns 11.96 calories per minute whilerunning. He burns 4.5 calories per minute while walking.He runs for x minutes and exercises for a total of 55minutes. Write an equation to figure out how manycalories, C, he burns.

Write 15.1 as a fraction


If you want to convert 15.1 into a fraction, you can do it like this:
15 equals to 15/1 and 0.1 equals to 1/10
The result is 15 1/10.

If you want to make it a pure fraction, you haveto make one additional step:
because you want to add 15/1 and 1/10, youhave to get the same denominators, so 15/1 changes to 150/10
Now, you can add 150/10 and 1/10.The result is 151/10

15 1/10


Find the gradient of the line segment between the points (-8,6) and (-10,14)


The required gradient of the line between the points (-8,6) and (-10,14) is -4.

What is the slope of the line?

The slope of the line is a tangent angle made by line with horizontal. i.e. m =tanx where x in degrees.

The gradient of the line segment between points (-8,6) and (-10,14) is given as,

The gradient of the line = slope of the line,
m = (y₂ - y₁) /  (x₂ - x₁)

Substitute the value in the above equation,
m = 14- 6 / -10 + 8
m = 8 / -2
m = -4

Thus, the required gradient of the line between the points (-8,6) and (-10,14) is -4.

Learn more about slopes here:




Step-by-step explanation:

14 - 6 = 8

-10 - - 8 = - 2

8 / - 2 = - 4

Solve for x

(2x-1)^4 = 64


X= -0.914214, 1.914214

A local hardware store sold 12 percent of its hammers on Saturday . If the hardware store sold 9 hammers on Saturday how many hammers did the store have in stock to begin with ?


(12)/(100)=(9)/(x) Cross multiply

12x=900 Divide both sides by 12.

x=75 hammers to begin with.

What must be a factor of the polynomial function f(x) graphed on the coordinate plane below?



easy, if the intercepts or roots or zeros of the equation are r₁ and r₂ then 2 factors of the equatain are (x-r₁) and (x-r₂)


we see it intercepts the x axis at 1 and 6



therefore 2 roots are (x-1) and (x-6)

answer is 2nd option

Step-by-step explanation:




Step-by-step explanation:

took the quiz got it right

draw 8 lines that are between 1 inch and 4 inches long. measure each line to the nearest four inch, and make a line plot.


Attached you can find the answer to your question.

What you have to do is:
1. Draw 8 lines between 1 inch and 4 inches.
2. Create a line plot (count how many times each length occurs)
3. Congratulations! That's it!

Hope it is clear!