Which of these describes the actions of Martin Luther King, Jr., Rosa Parks, and the NAACP during the Montgomery Bus Boycott (1955 to 1956)?


Answer 1
Answer: They got African Americans to challenge racial isolation in the transport arrangement of Montgomery, Alabama in the form a protest. After Rosa Parks was captured for declining to surrender her seat on a city transport, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. sorted out this. Following 11 months, the Supreme Court decided that isolation of open transportation was illicit.

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In the 1700s, as the Mughal Empire grew weaker, __________. A. the British government immediately sent troops to colonize India B. a new empire, the Gupta Empire, rose to take its place C. the East India Company began to increase in power and expand its territory D. the sepoys rose rebelled against the emperor
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In survey research, the term ________ refers to the attributes that differ among members of a population. unknowns interviews variables questionnaires random samples

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C Austria Hungary


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Which early church school of biblical interpretation favored a literal understanding of genesis 1?


The early church school of biblical interpretation that favored a literal understanding of genesis 1 is Alexandria. The Christian school of Alexandria is considered to be the oldest Christian religious school around the world and the early school that has the interpretation that favors genesis 1.

Personality traits determine



Personality traits reflect people's characteristic patterns of thoughts, feelings, and behaviors.

Final answer:

Personality traits are enduring patterns of behavior, thought, and emotion, that influence how we interact with the world. They provide a useful framework for understanding and predicting behavior and form the basis for psychological research and therapy.


Personality traits are often defined as enduring patterns of behavior, thought, and emotion. Generally, these are considered to be relatively stable over time and across different social situations. They significantly influence our interactions with the world and impact our thoughts, behaviors, and feelings. For instance, a person with a dominant personality trait of extroversion is likely to enjoy social gatherings and seek out interaction with others, whereas a person high in introversion may prefer quiet environments and solitary activities.

The exact impact of personality traits can be difficult to determine because they interact with each other and with the person's environment in complex ways. They do, however, provide a useful framework for understanding and predicting an individual's behavior. The personality traits also provide a basis for psychological research and the selection and development of interventions aimed at fostering personality growth and change.

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In establishing the American democratic republic, the Founding Fathers borrowed from the works of all of the following earlier thinkers EXCEPTa. Thomas Hobbesb. Alexis de Tocquevillec. Jean-Jacques Rousseaud. Niccolò Machiavellie. Baron de Montesquieu


Answer: B. Alexis de Tocqueville

Explanation:Alexis de Tocqueville, is a French National and diplomat,he was sent to America by the French Government to study the American prison system, through which the prison system of France is to be improve. Other persons were contributors to the United States of America Constitution.Baron de Montesquieu's view on Government influenced the United States of America Constitution about the separation of power.

Link the nation with each statement: (1) offers an apprenticeship program for non- college youth that leads to a job; (2) leaves young people to find jobs on their own. A) (1) Germany:

(2) the United States

B) (1) the United States;

(2) the United Kingdom

C) (1) the United States;

(2) Japan

D) (1) Germany:

(2) Japan


Germany offers an apprenticeship program for non- college youth that leads to a job.

America leaves young people to find jobs on their own.


  • An apprenticeship program for non-college youth in Germany is a system to employ youngsters.    
  • Apprenticeships are an essential part of Germany under the education system.
  • Apprenticeships provide youth with both theoretical and practical  together.        


  • America leaves young people to find jobs on their own.
  • Employment for the youth lies in their choices and performance.
  • Americans have always believed in independence as they leave their homes at a younger age to do work.

Therefore we can conclude that different countries have their views on dealing with employments and youths.

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The United States

In 1913, the Sixteenth Amendment, which legalized a federal income tax, was ratified. Why was there a need for a federal income tax? A) to pay for a minimum wage B) to provide workman's compensation C) to support the Federal Reserve System D) to replace the revenue loss from tariffs


I would say the answer to be D, because many tariffs had been placed at the time, and money started to become a problem as President Wilson was in office. This caused a need for federal income tax because of a shortage of money and because of the number of tariffs that there were at the time so the answer is basically D.