(1 pt) Which answer is the same as moving the decimal in 6.73 three places to the left? A. dividing 6.73 by 103 B. dividing 6.73 by 102 C. multiplying 6.73 by 100 D. multiplying 6.73 by 1,000


Answer 1
Answer: d. because when you multiply you move your numbers to the left and 1000 has 3 zeros meaning you will move your answer 3 times to the left .

hope you understand 
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Answer 2
Answer: The answer would be a.
If you divide 6.73 by 10^3(or 1000) you would get 0.00673.
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.36 or 36%

0.36 is the decimal and 36% is the percentage.

Use an example to describe the multiplicative relationship between two equivalent ratios.


this is the answer because 2×4=8 and 4×4=16 which is 8/16 this is a example

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Maria jumped 10 feet more than Jason 108-98. :)

A bookmark is shaped like a rectangle with a semicircle attached at both ends. The rectangle is 14 cm long and 4 cm wide. The diameter of each circle is the width of the rectangle. What is the area of the bookmark? Use 3.14 for π.PLS HELP DUE TOMMORROW.



Area of the bookmar = 68.56 sq.cm.

Step-by-step explanation:

It is given that the diameter of each circle is the width of the rectangle.

Therefore, each radius = (4)/(2) = 2 cm.

Area of the 2 semi circles = 2 × 0.5 × 3.14 × 2^(2)

= 4 × 3.14

= 12.56 sq.cm.

Now, area of the rectangle = length × width

= 14 × 4

= 56 sq.cm

Area of the bookmark = Area of the rectangular part + 2 × (area of the semicircular part)

= 56 + 12.56

= 68.56 sq.cm.

A cell phone company charges a monthly fee plus $0.25 for each text message. The monthly fee is $30.00 and you owe $59.50. How many text messages did you have? Write an equation using x as the variable and then solve the equation.


Ok if he paid.


so he paid 29.50 dollars more 


so he texted 118 times
.25x + 30 = 59.50 is the equation.

now subtract 30 from each side leaving you with:

.25x = 29.50

now divide by .25 on each side.

x = 118
You sent 118 text messages.

Jade buys a 500 gram bag of beads at a market.Each bead has a mass of 0.48 grams.
Which of these is the best estimate for the number of beads in the 500 gram bag?
b. 250
d. 2500


your answer is c.1000 beads

think about it like this how many times can .48 go into 500...1041.67 times

or you can think of it like this how many .48g beads do i need to reach 500g

then you simply do some division (500)/(.48)

remember be careful to put the decimal point when dividing!! hope this helps :)