What is 31.75 to the nearest tenth


Answer 1
Answer: the answer to that question is 31.80
Answer 2
Answer: 31.75 rounded to nearest tenth is 31.8
because the 5 rounds up the 7 to 8
so the answer is 31.8

Hope this helped!! :D

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b. 2
c. none of the above


The following expressions equivalent to c. None of the above

6. Paula has 12 more beads than John has. Together they have 84 beads. How many beads does Paula have?


7; you can do 84 Divided by 12 or check you multiplcation grid 

How do you write 4,305,012 un expanded notation?


4,000,000 + 3,000,000 + 5,000 + 10 +2

In geometry words describe a way to seperate triangles Into other triangles


start at one of the vertices and draw a line from there to a point on the oposite side, not ending at another vertex
There are many ways of dividing a triangle, two ways are mentioned below.

Method 1: Dividing a triangle into triangle of three equal areas

After trisecting one side of the triangle connect the two points that trisect the side to the opposite vertex which will make all three triangles have the same length of base and height.

Method 2: Dividing a triangle into two

This method is pretty simple if you are just going straight down the middle to make the two triangles of even base and height.

I hope this helps. If any false information was given I apologize in advance.

The measure of the 3 angles in a triangle are (4x) degrees,(3x-3) degrees, and (5x+3)degrees. Please write an equation, solve for x, and determine the measure of each angle. Please show work and thanks for helping


This is a good one!

So we know that a triangle's angles must add up to 180 degrees. Therefore, we can say that:

(3x - 3) + (5x + 3) + (4x) = 180.

This can be rewritten as 12x = 180.

Divide each side by 12 to get x alone, you get:

x = 15

Time to plug n' chug.

4x = 60, 3x - 3 = 42, 5x + 3 = 78


The formula V=lwh is used to calculate the volume of a rectangular prism. What is the equation solved for h?A)Vlw=h
10 points!!! Please help!!


(h is multiplied with l and w. The opposite of multiplication is division. divide lw from each side)


(V)/(lw) = (lwh)/(lw)

(V)/(lw) =h

The answer is C) V/lw = h

You have said that                            V          = l w h

Divide each side by ' l w ' :                V / l w  =       h