What is the area of this figure? :)
What is the area of this figure? :) - 1


Answer 1
Answer: there are 4 semicircles, each radius is 8cm, so we get the total areas of these semicircles: 4×0.5×8^(2)π
and the square area: 16²
so the total area of figure: 16²+4×0.5×8^(2)π=256+128π

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Pls help due tomorrow just numbers 7 - 12



Step-by-step explanation:

7). 5.75% = (5.75)/(100) = (575)/(10000) = (23)/(400)

10). 16(2)/(3) % = (50)/(3) % = (50)/(300) = (1)/(6)

12). 79(5)/(6) % = (479)/(6) % = (479)/(600)

Now is you turn. You can do it!

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Hello I am needing help on this word problem please. I think it's 30 but I'm questioning myself



Since 5 pounds of meat will feed about 26 people.


\begin{gathered} (5)/(26)lb\text{ would feed 1 person} \n  \n =0.1923 \end{gathered}

If she is expecting 156 people, she should prepare;

\begin{gathered} (0.1923*156)lb\text{ of meat} \n  \n \approx30lb \end{gathered}

ANSWER: 30lb

An object is launched at 20 m/s from a height of 65 m. The equation for the height (h) in terms of time (t) is given by h(t) = -4.912 + 20t + 65. What is theobject's maximum height?



The maximum height is the y-value of the vertex.

h(t) = -4.9t² + 20t + 65

     a=-4.9   b=20  c=65

h(2) = -4.9(2)² + 20(2) + 65

     = -19.6 + 40 + 65

     = 85.4

Step-by-step explanation:

The weights, in pounds, of the cats in an animal adoption center are normally distributed. If a random sample of cats is taken and the confidence interval is (7.9,12.7), what is the margin of error


Answer: 2.4

Step-by-step explanation:

Given : The weights, in pounds, of the cats in an animal adoption center are normally distributed.

The confidence interval is (7.9,12.7)           (1)

Let \overline{x} be the sample mean of the weights, in pounds, of the cats in an animal adoption center.

We know that the confidence interval for population mean is given by :-

(\overline{x}-E,\overline{x}+E)      (2)

From (1) and (2)


Subtracting (3) from (4), we get

2E=4.8\n\n\Rightarrow\ E=2.4

Hence, the margin of error is E = 2.4