Top managers at kendrick construction want to increase the percentages of minorities and women in its ranks. the company began an active recruitment program with a local university and a special career development program. kendrick has started a(n ______ plan.


Answer 1
Answer: The answer is:  "affirmative action" [plan] .

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Hill Company uses job-order costing. At the end of the month, the following data was gathered: Job # Total Cost Complete? Sold? 803 $611 yes yes 804 423 yes no 805 805 no no 806 682 yes yes 807 525 yes no 808 250 no no 809 440 yes yes 810 773 yes no 811 267 no no 812 341 no no Hill's selling price is cost plus 50% for each of its products. What is the total in Finished Goods? a.$1,860 b.$1,721 c.$1,700 d.$2,163 e.$2,230
Kitchens Sales Inc. is approached by Mr. Louis Cifer, a new customer, to fulfill a large one-time-only special order for a product similar to one offered to regular customers. The following per unit data apply for sales to regular customers: Direct materials $554 Direct labor 364 Variable manufacturing support 56 Fixed manufacturing support 120 Total manufacturing costs 1,094 Markup (50%) 547 Targeted selling price $1,641 Kitchens Sales inc. has excess capacity. Mr. Cifer wants the cabinets in cherry rather than oak, so direct material costs will increase by $66 per unit. The average marketing cost of Kitchens Sales product is $173 per order. Other than price, what other items should Kitchens Sales consider before accepting this one-time-only special order
Daisy, Inc., hopes to report a total book tax expense of $160,000 in the current year. This $160,000 expense consists of $240,000 in current tax expense and an $80,000 tax benefit related to the expected future use of an NOL by Daisy. If the auditors determine that a valuation allowance of $30,000 must be placed against Daisy's deferred tax assets, what is Daisy's total book tax expense
Inflation is 14 percent. Debt is $4 trillion. The nominal deficit is $360 billion. What is the real deficit or surplus
Your best friend wants to borrow $2000 from you today for an emergency purchase they need to make that requires a cash payment. They promise to pay you back $1000 in 1 year (i.e. 12 months) and then pay you $1100 in two years (i.e. in 24 months). You would have to remove the money from your stock investment account which is earning on average a return of 5% (i.e. the effective yearly interest rate you are getting on your money is 0.05). Required:a. Is this a fair deal for you? Justify your answer with an engineering economics analysis and discussion of the situation by calculating the Net Present Value (NPV) for the scenario. b. Draw a Cash Flow Diagram for this situation.

10. The act of assigning formal authority and responsibility for a completion of specifi activities to a subordinate. A/ Allocation B/ Delegation C/ Subordinate D/ All​


The answer is B/ Delegation.

You are searching for the details of a refrigerator in Google. When you perform the search, advertisements by home appliance manufacturers appear above the organic search results displayed by Google. These advertisements link you to the online appliance store of the companies.

Which of the following terms refer to these advertisements?
A) pay-per-click ads
B) floating ads
C) interstitials
D) superstitials
E) banner ads



The correct answer is letter "E": banner ads.


Banner ads are rectangular publications portrayed at the top, bottom, left or right side of a website to promote products or services on a website different from the one the goods are sold. Banner ads invite visitors to go into the advertiser's website to dive into its gamma of products offered.

Final answer:

The advertisements that appear above the organic search results are called pay-per-click ads. This is a form of online advertising where advertisers pay a fee for each click on their ad.


The advertisements that appear above the organic search results when you're searching for the details of a refrigerator are referred to as pay-per-click ads (option A). These are a type of online advertising where the advertiser pays a fee each time their ad is clicked by a user. The search engine makes use of this advertising model for its ads, which are strategically placed to attract potential buyers. Other options like floating ads, interstitials, superstitials, and banner ads are also types of online advertisements but they have different characteristics and are used in different contexts.

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A company advertises that its products are environmentally friendly in order to sell to climate-conscious consumers at a higher price. What is this practice called?


Answer: Greenwashing


Greenwashing is the process of giving out a false impression or misleading the public about how the product of a company are more environmentally friendly. Companies have used greenwashing in commercials and press releases emphasizing their pollution minimization efforts and clean energy but in reality, the firm may not have a genuine commitment to environmental friendliness. Companies that make such claims are embroiled in greenwashing.

For example, a company might claim that their goods are made from recycled materials and this may be false. This is greenwashing.

The Silver Corporation uses a predetermined overhead rate to apply manufacturing overhead to jobs. The predetermined overhead rate is based on labor cost in Department A and on machine-hours in Department B. At the beginning of the year, the Corporation made the following estimates: Department A Department B Direct labor cost $ 60,000 $ 40,000 Manufacturing overhead $ 90,000 $ 45,000 Direct labor-hours 6,000 9,000 Machine-hours 2,000 15,000 What predetermined overhead rates would be used in Department A and Department B, respectively?



Instructions are below.


Giving the following information:

Department A:

Direct labor cost= $60,000

Manufacturing overhead= $90,000

Department B:

Manufacturing overhead= $45,000

Machine-hours= 2,000

To calculate the predetermined manufacturing overhead rate we need to use the following formula:

Predetermined manufacturing overhead rate= total estimated overhead costs for the period/ total amount of allocation base

Department A:

Predetermined manufacturing overhead rate= 90,000/60,000

Predetermined manufacturing overhead rate= $1.5 per direct labor dollar

Department B:

Predetermined manufacturing overhead rate= 45,000/2,000= $22.4 per machine-hour

Gourd Supermarkets has an extensive training program for all new employees and then has all employees spend a day in customer service and workplace safety training each year.Required:
What contract is it:
a. old social
b. new social?



Old social contract


Old social contract is a type of contract that emphasises the long term commitment between the employer and the employee and stable conditions are defined for both parties.

New social contract on the other hand is one that is short term, and there is little commitment to the contract from both parties.

In the given scenario Gourd Supermarkets provides extensive training program for all new employees. They then spend a day in customer service and workplace safety training each year.

This shows a long term commitment, so it is a form of old social contract.

Answer: a. Old social contract

Explanation: this is an old social contract which is defined as one between an employee and the employer (organisation, business, company or firm) where the employee contributes his/her ability, education, loyalty, and commitment to the organization, and expect wages and benefits, work, advancement, and training in return. Thus, the old social contract emphasizes on long-term commitments with stable conditions between employers and employees. The old social contract is in direct contrast with the new social contract which exists between an employee and an organization wherein the employee takes personal responsibility for employability and the employer gives challenging assignments, lateral career moves, and creative development opportunities.

George has been selling 5,000 T-shirts per month for $8.50. When he increased the price to $9.50, he sold only 4,000 T-shirts. Which of the following best approximates the price elasticity of demand? -2.2 -1.8 -2 -2.6 Suppose George's marginal cost is $5 per shirt. Before the price change, George's initial price markup over marginal cost was approximately . George's desired markup is . Since George's initial markup, or actual margin, was than his desired margin, raising the price was .


Answer: George's initial price markup over marginal cost was approximately 41.2% George's desired markup is 45% Since George's initial markup, or actual margin, was Less than his desired margin, raising the price was profitable


a) Price Elasticity of Demand = [(Q1-Q2)/(Q1+Q2)] / [(P1-P2)/(P1+P2)]

= 5000- 4000/4000+ 5000) /  8.50- 9.50 /8.50 ₊9.50 =

1000/8000 / -1/ 18 = 0.125/-0.055  = -2.2

George's initial price markup over marginal cost was approximately

when Marginal cost = $5

b)initial price markup  = Price - marginal cost / price = 8.50 - 5.00/ 8.50 =   0.412=  41.2%

C) George's  desired margin = 1/absolute value of price elasticity = 1/ 2.2= 0.45= 45%


D)Since George's initial markup or actual margin was less  than his desired margin, raising the price is profitable.

This is because When the  markup is lower than the margin,  business is running on a loss, so it is nessesary to increase price.

Final answer:

The price elasticity of demand for George's T-shirts is approximately -1.7, indicating that demand is elastic. The initial markup over the cost price was 70%, but the question doesn't specify the desired markup or if raising the price satisfied that margin.


The price elasticity of demand measures how sensitive the quantity demanded is to a price change. It's calculated as the percentage change in quantity demanded divided by the percentage change in price. In George's case:

  • Initial quantity: 5000 T-shirts
  • New quantity: 4000 T-shirts
  • Initial price: $8.50
  • New price: $9.50

So, the percentage change in quantity = (4000-5000)/5000 = -20% and percentage change in price = ($9.50-$8.50)/$8.50 = 11.76%. Therefore, price elasticity of demand = -20%/11.76% = -1.7 (approx.). This indicates that the demand is elastic, meaning quantity demanded is sensitive to price changes.

Regarding the price markup, this is the percentage increase over the cost price. The initial markup = ($8.50-$5)/$5 = 70%. The question didn't specify the desired markup, or if raising the price satisfied the desired margin.

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