The mac group does not replace the primary functions of eocs or other dispatch organizations. T/F?


Answer 1

The statement that the mac group does not replace the primary functions of eocs or other dispatch organizations is TRUE because while the MAC group can provide important support and coordination during emergency situations, but does not replace the primary functions of EOCs

The MAC (Multi-Agency Coordination) group is a group of emergency management officials who work together to coordinate and manage resources during an emergency or disaster. While the MAC group can provide valuable support to emergency operations centers (EOCs) and other dispatch organizations, it does not replace their primary functions.

EOCs and dispatch organizations are responsible for managing emergency response activities and coordinating resources such as personnel, equipment, and supplies. They are typically staffed by trained professionals who have expertise in emergency management and response.

The MAC group, on the other hand, is a coordination and support function that works with EOCs and other dispatch organizations to provide additional resources and assistance as needed.

The MAC group helps to ensure that emergency response activities are coordinated and that resources are used efficiently and effectively.

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What is the function of the Judicial Branch?Enforce the Law

Make the Law

Execute the Law

Interpret the Law and settle disputes​



to settle legal disputes and determine the constitutionality of laws


Answer: The judicial branch is in charge of deciding the meaning of laws.

Explanation: Their whole purpose is basically to apply laws to real situations, and whether a law breaks the rules of the Constitution.

Judicial Branch are kind of like the Jury in the court.  They are responsible for protecting the rights of the people. They give power to the people. They Have The Power to Get Its Decisions and Judgments Enforced.  These are some of the many functions of the Judicial Branch.

What are your rights and where do they come from?​



Our rights Come from our birth-not government. We get all of our rights from birth. Those rights cannot be taken away; they are inalienable, and they belong to each individual, not to a group or category of individuals, but to each person.

Which of the following would be a violation of the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act? a) A payment to a foreign government official to have a license application accelerated.
b) A payment to a member of the International Olympic Committee in order to obtain his or her vote on an Olympic site.
c) A payment to an official of a government-owned telecommunications company in order to speed up installation of phones in a business office.
d) A payment to a customs official in order to allow the unloading of goods from a ship.
e) All of the above are violations of the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act.



E. All of the above are violations of the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act.


The Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA) is a United States law passed in 1977 that prohibits U.S. firms and individuals from paying bribes to foreign officials in furtherance of a business deal. The FCPA places no minimum amount for a punishment of a bribery payment.

The foreign corrupt practice act was enacted for the purpose of making it unlawful for certain classes of persons and entities to make payments to foreign government officials to assist in obtaining or retaining business.

Answer: b) A payment to a member of the International Olympic Committee in order to obtain his or her vote on an Olympic site.

Explanation: Payments made to any members of the international Olympic committee to obtain favor either through votes or support, is a good example of the violation of the foreign corrupt practices. Which was out in place to stop or curtail payments made to foreign governments officials to obtain Favour or assistance.

How many sessions are there within each term of congress?


Answer: There are2 session

The number of sessions within each term of Congress varies, but they must assemble at least once every year, typically beginning on January 3rd.

The number of sessions within each term of Congress varies.

However, Congress must assemble at least once in every year, with the meeting typically beginning on January 3rd.

The terms of Senators and Representatives end on January 3rd, and the terms of their successors begin at noon on the same day.

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Ms. Ramos is not so much interested in simply meeting targets, she wants a fully-diversified organization. This parallels our text discussion of the distinction between law and ethics. If the firm's leadership had a goal to meet the targets, what term does our book have for this approach



The options are

A. Minimum acceptable behavior

B. Unethical behavior

C. Code of conduct

D. Corporate social responsibility

E. Generally accepted principle

The answer is A. Minimum acceptable standard


The term which the book has for the approach is having a minimum acceptable standard which is defined as the least accepted quality of a product or service.This is because of the approach being acceptable within the jurisdiction of the law.

Ms Ramos may however be unsure about the ethical standard of the approach used in this context.

Hamedah fled from an abusive relationship to her cousin's home at age 21 and says she regrets her decision to run errands for her cousin related to crack cocaine. Which goal of punishment presumes that citizens will choose not to commit a crime because they have observed the punishments that criminals have received, and they will conclude that the costs of crime


Answer: a. General deterrence


The General deterrence goal of punishment stems from the belief that if a person sees another person punished for doing something, they will not do that same thing in order to avoid punishment.

For instance, if a person sells crack cocaine and are caught by the police, they will be taken to a court of law and if found guilty, sentenced to a prison term. The general deterrence goal behind that is that when people like Hamedah see people who sell crack cocaine going to jail, they will avoid selling crack cocaine in order to avoid going to jail as well.

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