In northern ireland, interfaith efforts have attempted to directly address conflict between __________.


Answer 1
Answer: Protestants and Catholics                                                                                                                  

The Northern Ireland Inter-Faith Forum, in keeping with other interfaith movements around the world, exists in order to encourage understanding and mutual respect between persons and groups from different religion and belief backgrounds. We have been concerned at recent statements made via the media which display negative and unsympathetic attitudes towards members of minority faith communities and challenge their rights as citizens in this society. We recognize that this is in part due to ignorance and limited educational opportunities to learn about our culturally diverse society, but we also acknowledge with deep regret the influence of international events that appear to promote exclusive forms of nationalism. At their worst these influences often result in racist and sectarian smears and sometimes in criminal activity such as attacks on mosques or synagogues or graveyards, or on people’s homes.

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Which city established the first professional police force in the United States?A.
New York







Option A. New York.


Which of the following was a result of the Spanish-American war? A) Spain lost control of Cuba. B) Spain gained control of Cuba. C) Panama gained its independence. D) Cuba broke free of U.S. influence. E) The United States granted independence to the last of its colonies.


A, Cuba gained its independence from Spain

As the Moon travels around Earth, the different shapes we see are the of the Moon O Revolves O Craters Phases​


As the Moon travels around Earth, the different shapes we see are the PHASES of the Moon

Answer: We have a slightly different view of the Moon each night. We describe how the Moon looks with the eight Moon phases, or shapes:


Waxing Crescent

First Quarter

Waxing Gibbous


Waning Gibbous

Third Quarter

Waning Crescent

What is the fall line why is it important to the southeast region?


In the eastern United States, there is a major fall line between the hard rock of the Appalachian Piedmont and the soft sediment of the Atlantic Coastal Plain. This line was important to early European explorers because it marked the limits of river travel for ships.

In a study of the results of a diabetes teaching program conducted at a senior center, the blood glucose levels are taken by volunteers using their own personal equipment and were compared before and after the program. What potential threat to internal validity is demonstrated in this study



Instrumentation validity


The potential threat that exists in this scenario, is Instrumentation validity. This happens when different instruments are used to test the same thing. There exists the possibility that some of those instruments are not necessarily measuring what they are supposed to be measuring, correctly. This ultimately gives mixed results and can ruin a study. Which is what is happening in this scenario as all the volunteers are using their own "separate" personal equipment.

Jill received her Bachelor of Arts degree in Education in May and will be meeting her first class of second graders tomorrow at Briarview Elementary School. Her classroom will be adjacent to Ms. Ferguson, a veteran second-grade teacher considered to be the most knowledgeable and skilled teacher in the district who will be staring her 20th year of teaching.What are likely to be Jill’s major concerns about her first months of teaching? Explain your choices.



apprehension, intimidation and excitement


Having a new job and adjusting to a new environment is always a challenging aspect. Jill's concerns could be as follows:

  1. Is her degree good enough to be qualified to teach?
  2. Will Ms. Ferguson offer any advice if she needs it?
  3. Will Ms Ferguson criticize her methods?
  4. Will she be able to communicate with the children in a manner that would allow them to understand her message?
  5. How long will it take her to adjust?

These questions are often at the top of anyone's head especially when in the presence of a person that has been in the system long . Jill ma feel a bit intimidated knowing that there is a person who can see her everyday that has been through the ropes. She may also feel that she is in the company of someone that can offer great advice. She may also feel a bit apprehensive because she won't know if she would be well received by the children. It is better for Jill not to over think and just go through the phases and if she has doubts and problems she can try to solve her issues as they arise rather than anticipate them.