My favorite flower is the rose. the predicate noun in this sentence is . favorite rose flower is


Answer 1

Rose" is the non-subject (i.e., predicate) noun in your sentence. 'The' is employed to explain a selected noun. It determines the determinateness of the noun. Here, "the" is employed to sit down with not one explicit rose, however the class/group of rose flowers, which suggests all the roses.

Here, 'the flower' may be a subject. Its predicate is often 'is within the garden.' That the full sentence may be the that-The flower is within the garden. Changes that repeat at regular intervals are referred to as periodic changes. During a clock motion, the apparatus repeats at mounted intervals representing motion or periodic modification.

A predicate is a grammatical term for the words during a sentence or clause that describes the action but not the topic. In alternative words, the predicate explains what the topic will be. You can raise yourself what the topic is doing. the solution is the predicate. Usually, the predicate follows the topic, as we tend to see within the section regarding locating the topic.

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Answer 2




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conservationists, who believe that the federal
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