If three out of every fourteen trick-or-treaters that came to your house last Halloween were dressed as pirates, what proportion of trick-or-treaters were not dressed as pirates?


Answer 1



Given that three out of every fourteen trick-or-treaters were dressed as pirates

The proportion of the tick-or-treaters that were not dressed as pirates is the subtraction of the proportion of the people d

Dressed as pirates = 3/14

Not dressed as pirates = 14/14 - 3/14

= 11/14

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AC2  =  AB2 + BC2     --->     AC2  =  122 + 52     --->   AC  =  13

AD / AB  =  AB / AC     --->     AD / 12  =  12 / 13     --->     AD  =  144/13

DC  =  AC - AD     --->   DC  =  13 - 144/13     --->     DC  =  25/13

AD / DB  =  DB / DC     --->   DB2  =  AD · DC     --->     DB2  =  (144/13) · (25/13)  --->     DB  =  60/13

DB is the geometric mean of AD and DC.

Step-by-step explanation:

in calculating interest in the U.S. Rule from the last partial payment, the interest is subtracted from the adjusted balance true or false


The answer is False.

Find the probability for choosing a letter at random from the word: Probability P(not P) A.) 1/11 B.) 2/11 C.) 5/11 D.) 10/11​



D.) 10/11

Step-by-step explanation:

Here the given word Probability has 11 letters in it. And we have to calculate the Probability of not selecting a letter P from the above word.

So the formula for calculating any probability is Total Favorable outcomes / Total number of outcomes.

Here total number of outcomes are 11 as word Probability has 11 letters.

So the probability of selecting letter P from word Probability =  (1)/(11)

Now the P(not P) = 1 - P(selecting letter P)

                            = 1 - (1)/(11) = (10)/(11)

Translate the sentence into an inequality.A number w increased by 6 is greater than or equal to 27.



w + 6 ≥ 27

Step-by-step explanation:

A number w is the variable w.

Increased by 6 means being added by 6.

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counted 27 raisins. If

there were 12

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3215360 cm³

Explicación paso a paso:

Dado que :

Radio = 160/2 = 80 cm

Altura, h = 160 cm

Volumen de un cilindro = πr²h

Volumen del cilindro = π * 80² * 160

Volumen = 3215360 cm³