Can someone help me on my last problem? #10
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Answer 1
Answer: ok but what did i do wrong and if you never studied the subject how did you know i was wrong
Answer 2
Answer: Based on my small expertise in this subject,

the answer should be 1/(20)^22

the logic is the same as a coin flip
1st flip: call for heads, 1/2 chance
2nd: call for heads, (multiply by self) 1/2 x 1/2= 1/4 chance
3rd: heads, 1/4 x 1/2= 1/8
and so on...

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Triangle EFG is graphed below. If the triangle is translated 4 units to the right and 3 units down, what will be the coordinates of G’ ? A. (3,-2) B. (3,4) C. (2, -3) D. (2,2)
Help Please I really need help!
A square has a side length 9 cm. What is its area? A square has an area of 9 cm2. What is its side length?
Insert < or > to form a true statement -17/18,3/5
A number is divisible by 3 if the sum of the digits of the number is divisible by 3.

A carpenter worked 10 weeks on a particular job, 51/2 days per week and 7 3/4 hours per day. How many hours did the carpenter work on the job?​



= 426 1/4 hr.

Step-by-step explanation:

5 1/2 = 5.5 Days in a week

7 3/4 = 7.75 hr. Per Day

Total hours in a week = 5.5 × 7.75 = 42.625 hr in a week

In 10 weeks = 42.625 × 10 = 426.25 hr.

the length of this prism is multiplied by a scale factor of 1/2 to create rectangular prism B the volume of rectangular prism B is and I need work to


we know that

[volume of rectangular prism]=L*W*h
L= 6 in prism A
volume of rectangular prism A=6*w*h

L=6*(1/2)------> L=3 in prism B

volume of rectangular prism B=3*w*h
volume of rectangular prism B=[volume of rectangular prism A]/2

the answer is
Volume of B is 1/2 volume of A

-4= -(x-8)
negative four equals negative (parentheses x minus 8 parentheses)


+4. +4

Please please help me!!solve the system of equations.
{ x= 3y + 4
{3x - 9y = 12

Select the correct choice below and, if necessary, fill in the answer box to complete your choice.
A. There is one solution. The solution of the system is __ ( simplify your answer. Type an ordered pair.)
B. The solution set of the system {(x,y)| x = 3y+4}.
C. The solution set is ∅.



infinite solution

Step-by-step explanation:

if substitute 3y+4Into 3x your equation should be 3(3y+4)-9=12 then you multiply and combine like terms then your answer should be 12=12 which is a true statement meaning it has infinite solutions

A part-time shelf stocker made $8912.03 last year. If she claimed herself asan exemption for $3650 and had a $5700 standard deduction, what was her
taxable income last year?
A. $5262.03
B. $437.97
C. $0
D. $3212.03


Final answer:

The part-time shelf stocker's taxable income is calculated by subtracting the exemption of $3650 and the standard deduction of $5700 from her annual income of $8912.03, resulting in a negative number, which means her taxable income was $0.


To calculate the taxable income for the part-time shelf stocker who made $8912.03 last year, we need to subtract the exemption and standard deduction from her annual income. The exemption claimed is $3650, and the standard deduction is $5700.

Here's the calculation:

  1. Start with the total annual income: $8912.03.
  2. Subtract the exemption amount: $8912.03 - $3650 = $5262.03.
  3. Subtract the standard deduction: $5262.03 - $5700 = -$437.97.

Since the taxable income cannot be negative, the correct answer is $0. Thus, her taxable income last year was $0.

Learn more about Taxable Income Calculation here:


Answer: C) $0

Step-by-step explanation:

Demon slayer

An artist creates a cone shaped sculpture for an art exhibit. If the sculpture is 8 feet tall and has a base with a circumference of 21.352 feet, what is the volume of the sculpture? Use 3.14 for Pi



Volume, V=96.79\ \text{feet}^3

Step-by-step explanation:

An artist creates a cone shaped sculpture for an art exhibit.

Height of sculpture is 8 feets

The circumference of base of the cone is 21.352 feet.

The base of a con is circular shaped. So,

2\pi r= 21.352

r is radius of cone

r= (21.352)/(2* 3.14) \n\nr=3.4\ ft

The volume of cone shaped sculpture is given by :

V=(1)/(3)\pi r^2 h\n\nV=(1)/(3)* 3.14* (3.4)^2 * 8\n\nV=96.79\ \text{feet}^3

So, the volume of the sculpture is 96.79\ \text{feet}^3.

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