Craig just finished reading 120 pages of his history assignment if the assignment is 125 pages what percent has Craig read so far?


Answer 1
Answer: It would be 96% because 120/125 equals .96 or 96%

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If you are going to use the ASA postulate to prove these triangles congruent what additional information do you need?
Ty has 3 different shapes.The shapes have 11 sides and 11 vertices in all. What shapes can he have? Explain .
Triple 3 and then add double 8
Jimmy went to the toy store. He saw 23 wooden trains and 41 plastic many more plastic trains than wooden trains did he see?
Since your little brother loves cereal you decide to give him his favorite cereal cinnamon toast crunch as a surprise present.There is only one square sheet of wrapping paper that measures 60 cm wide and 60 cm long. The measurements at the cereal box are 30 cm X 40 cm x 5cm Do you have enough wrapping paper to wrap the cereal box?

Find the error Jacob is finding the slope of the line that passes through x(0,2) and y(4,3).circle his mistake and correct it.


The answer is 1/2. The mistake is they subtracted the wrong numbers. It should be:


2 which is m

donald bought a box of golf balls for $9.54. there were 18 golf ball in the box. about how much was each golf ball


The answer will be 53 cents.

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53 cents. divide $9.54 by 18 to get the answer.

If Melanie spins this spinner 1000 times, approximately how many times will it land on orange?A) 50
B) 250
C) 500
D) 25


A) 50 I think it will always be 50%



Step-by-step explanation:

She spins the spinner 1 thousand times, there is only 1 blue tile so 25% of 100 would be 25 but since its 1000 just add a zero to 25 and you have 250

Question 1: 3/4n+16=2-1/8n. Show work plzz for all i need help due tomorrow!!!Question 2: 4(x-2)=4x
Question 3: 6=3+5(y-2)
Question 4: 2(x-3)+5=3(x-1
Question 5: 18-3.8x=7.36-1.9x
Question 6: 1.03x-4=-2.15x+8.72
Question 7: 5-1/2(b-6)=4
Question 8: -3(2n-5)=1/2(12n+30)
Plz help i know only 10 points not enough but i need help with these !!! Show work ALL


1) Multiply everything by 8. It clears the fractions.
 It gives you 6n + 128 =16 - n
You add the -n to the other side of the equation.
It gives you 7n + 128= 16
You then subtract 128 from 16.
It gives you 7n= -112
You divide everything by 7
It gives you n=-17

Find a point- slope form for the line with slope 1/5 and passing through the point (-4,-6)


Answer: y-(-6)=1/5(X-(-4))

Step-by-step explanation:

to put together a point slope expresion the equation would be y-y1=m(x-x1)

y1 and x1 being the points on the line and (m) being the slope

A video game store made a display of game console boxes show at the right. the length, width and high of each game console box is 2 feet. What is thevolume of the display of game console boxes? Show your work and explain your answer


Volume=length*width*heightV=2*2*2 or V+2^3V=8The volume of the display is 8 cubic feet