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An obvious difference between two or more things.

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write a letter to your friend attends in another school discussing at least three things you don't like about your current school and why?​



When you are writing a letter you should include your full address at first, the date and address of your friend.

Then you can start by writing the body of the letter.

Dear friend John,

I am writing to you because I want to tell you news about my new school at this moment. I was thinking of transferring to your school because there are some things that I do not really like here.

First of all, there are no enough sports activities like in your school. Second, it is really far away from my home. I have no friends and there are so many old teachers that are rigorous. I like your school better.


Mark M.

What are ideas to increase involvement in school activities like dances or food drives? thanks



put cash or prize incentives, or create a social atmosphere that people would want to be a part of, and also food and snacks are very important



B. Compare and contrast THREE methods that to develop students Vocabulary



i know some answer but i dont think i can compare

1. visually- by looking at the book and studying

2. writing- writing to learn

3. listening learning by listening

Hope it somewhat helps :D


Question 13 (Fill-In-The-Blank Worth 1 points) Write the TWO object pronouns (lowercase and separated with a space) that would correctly complete each sentence. Nosotros compramos los boletos para ti. Nosotros _____ _____ compramos. Answer for Blank 1:



Nosotros te los compramos.


In Spanish, the words "te" and "los" are direct pronouns, and represent a replacement for both indirect and direct objects. The direct object in the original sentence is "los boletos" (the tickets), and the indirect object would be "ti" (you).

To be clearer:

Nosotroscompramoslos boletospara ti.

[subject]      [verb]     [direct obj.] [indirect obj.]

Is replaced by:

Nosotros           te                     los                 compramos.

[Subject]  [indirect obj.]  [direct object]          [verb]

Thus, "te" corresponds to "para ti" and "los" corresponds to "los boletos".

. Which of the following is not a suffix? A) ful B) ing C) re



re is not a suffix, it is a prefix.

Answer: C) re


How does George Orwell make the reader care about his narrative in "Shooting an Elephant?" Find three specific examples in the text and explain how these examples make the reader care.



The author uses the rhetorical devices intelligently in the context. He uses many rhetorical devices like irony, imagery, alliteration, metaphor, simile, paradox, oxymoron and many more to increase the reader’s attention. Few examples includes:

• Point of view: The author writes the story completely in the first person’s point of view. His viewpoint creates a considerable effect on the reader’s mind.

• Imagery: The picturesque effects of the elephant’s perspective and the shooter’s reaction hook the readers to the story.

• Comparing: The author intelligently compares several incidents to the contrast terms like grinning corpse, etc. in the story.

I'm not sure Orwell does, or that it matters. You can read this story as a brutal kind of entertainment, and not consider the issue of trust at all. So, that is one option.

If you really want to examine what Orwell does to gain the reader's trust, start with the opening line, where Orwell says he was hated by a lot of people.

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