There are 200 students in the grade. 45% of the student are taking a music class. How many students are taking music class.Please help me.


Answer 1


Step-by-step explanation:

You need only take 45% of 200

Music = 45/100 * 200

Music = 9000/100

Music = 90

So of a grade of 200, there are 90 who take music.

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Select the postulate or theorem that you can use to conclude that the triangles are similar.A) AA Similarity PostulateB) SAS Similarity TheoremC) SSS Similarity Theorem
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Determine whether the triangles are similar. If so, write a similarity


9514 1404 393



Step-by-step explanation:

The vertical angles at E are congruent, and the marked angles at F and J are congruent. The two triangles are similar by the AA postulate.

The given portion of the similarity statement names the angles in the order "unspecified", "vertical", and "50°". If we name those angles in the same order in the other triangle, the similarity statement becomes ...



\triangle FED\sim \triangle JEH

Step-by-step explanation:

Both pairs of vertical angles formed at point E are equal. Therefore, the two triangles share two angles. If two triangles share two angles, they must also share the third angle, since the sum of the interior angles of a triangle add up to 180 degrees. Therefore, all three angles of the two triangles are equal, which is a proof of similarity. \implies \boxed{\triangle FED\sim \triangle JEH}

I have done this for a million times and I always get this one wrong I need the correct answer



A, B, and D.

Step-by-step explanation:

HEY!! remember that if a number has ^2, it basically means it's multiplied by itself. for example:

5^2 = 5 x 5

aka, 25.

You can use this to check each of the answers in your formula, like this:

if x=6, then:

x^2 < 100

6 x 6 = 36

36 < 100

A is one of your correct answers!

Also remember, if you multiply a negative by a negative, it becomes positive.

-5 x -5 = 25

-10 x -10 = 100

The answer to this is A, B, D.

What is 0945987123987634678 divided by 67899876543444445678



Step-by-step explanation:simple math

Step-by-step explanation:



Work out

1/3 + 2/9

Give your answer in its simplest form


Step-by-step explanation:

1/3 + 2/9 = 3/9 + 2/9 = 5/9

Topic: Fractions

If you like to venture further, feel free to check out my insta (learntionary). I'll be constantly posting math tips and notes! Thanks!



Step-by-step explanation:

Sales, property, and income are three types of _____. profits income interest taxes


Sales, property, and income are three types of taxes.



Step-by-step explanation:

CAn I geT a BraInlEsT PlZ <3

Who can answer this
will mark brainlest



Factors: (x²y+6)(y²-11)

Step-by-step explanation:

Here's the original equation.

x²y³ - 11x²y + 6y² - 66

Let's separate it into two groups to make it easier.

(x²y³ - 11x²y) + (6y² - 66)

Let's take a look at (x²y³ - 11x²y) first. Do we notice anything that can be removed from the parentheses?

Yes, x²y can be taken from both polynomials to simplify the contents of the parentheses.

Both polynomials have x² and both have at least one y. Combine that to get x²y. That means that within the parentheses y² and - 11 will be left.

So  (x²y³ - 11x²y) becomes x²y (y²-11)

This works because if we multiply x²y * (y² - 11) we get (x²y³ - 11x²)

Let's apply this same idea to (6y² - 66).

6 is the only thing in common between the two polynomials.

If we follow the same steps we get 6 (y²-11).

Notice how when we simplified both groups they each had something on the outside and (y² - 11) in the parentheses?

So lets combine the things that were on the outside of both (y² - 11).

What was on the outside of each? x²y was on the outside for the first one, and 6 for the outside of the second one.

This means that if we combine everything and simplify, the factors we have are (x²y+6)(y²-11).

If you want to confirm, work your way backwards using the distributive property. You'll find that when you multiply (x²y+6) * (y² -11) you'll get = x²y³ - 11x²y + 6y² - 66. That was the original equation, so we know that these are the factors.

Hope that helps!