Hugo is mixing blue paint with red paint to create purple paint. The ratio of blue to red is 3 to 2. How many pints of blue paint will he use to create 40 pints of purple paint?


Answer 1


24 pints of blue paint used  to create 40 pints of purple paint .

Step-by-step explanation:

As given

Hugo is mixing blue paint with red paint to create purple paint.

The ratio of blue to red is 3 to 2.

Let us assume that the x be scalar mutiple .


Pints of blue paint used = 3x

Pints of red paint used = 2x

As given 40 pints purple paints is made by mixing  blue paint with red paint .

Than the equation becomes

2x + 3x = 40

5x = 40

x = (40)/(5)

x = 8


Pints of blue paint used = 3 × 8

                                        = 24 pints

Therefore 24 pints of blue paint used  to create 40 pints of purple paint .

Answer 2
Answer: 24 pints of blue paint. Idk of this is a solid way to get the answer, but I added 3+2=5. then 40/5=8. Then multiplied 8*3=24 and 2*8=16

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