What does Guenevere suggest Mary do about her predicament in King Arthur's Socks: A Comedy in One Act?a. Guenevere urges her to declare her love to Lancelot.
b. Guenevere urges her to forget about kissing Lancelot.
c. Guenevere encourages her to seek a proposal.
d. Guenevere encourages her to seek forgiveness.


Answer 1
Answer: B. Guenevere urges her to forget about kissing Lancelot

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When a writer uses words according to their dictionary definition, he or she isusing ____________. when a writer uses words in an imaginative way to express meanings beyond the literal meanings, he or she is using ____________. figurative language is sometimes referred to as _________.
Keep it simple and clear
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Write 1 paragraph and how Harry Potter's glasses are represented throughout the movie and 1 paragraph on how the glasses can symbloize school.


Harry Potter In the past couple years, there has been a growing phenomenon in the world of children's literature, this phenomenon is Harry Potter. J.K. Rowlings series of novels about a young wizard and his years at "Hogwarts School of Wizarding and Witchcraft," has become one of the most successful children's book series of all time. Before reading any of the now four novels, one may find it hard to believe that a children's novel may be so entertaining. But once one starts reading any of the four books, it is plain to see why these books are so popular.

Before first reading a Harry Potter novel, I was skeptical that a children's book about an orphan wizard going to school would be entertaining. But within 15 minutes I found …show more content…
Whether it is a fight for his life, winning a quidditch match, or just staying out of trouble, these novels are anything but boring. This I believe, is one of the biggest reasons why these books have been such a success, the author knows how to keep the story going at all times in order to maintain the readers attention. Another factor which I believe has led to the novels success is that while reading, the reader wishes that they could live in this fantasy world created by Rowling where life is anything but ordinary. The novels make the reader somewhat desire a life like the one led by the characters of the novels, like going to a school to learn wizarding, always having extraordinary things happen and just being at Hogwarts seems like an unequaled joy for some. These novels have the ability to reignite the long lost imaginations of adults, and keep the imaginations of children strong.

Although I am a strong supporter of this book series, I do find one thing wrong with the books. All the novels have endings which are almost the same, Harry saves the day and Voldemort the major antagonist gets defeated in one way or another. Also only Harry and his friends seem to be the ones who go on adventures to defeat huge beasts or save family members from monsters known as dementors, this to me makes the novel slightly unappealing but still one of

Paragraph about how Harry Potter's glasses are represented throughout the movie:

Harry Potter's glasses are one of the most visible things about his appearance in the movies. He is blind without them. One way his glasses are represented throughout the movie is his smart abilities. Although he may not be a crazy study-person like Hermione Granger, he is undeniably smart. If you don't think so, then take a look at this: he was The Chosen One that had to take down Voldemort and not any dumb kid could pull that off. Another way his glasses are represented throughout the movies is by a very powerful character trait; creativity. Creativity is shown by his glasses because he used them as an advantage in his Quidditch match one time when it was raining very hard and he needed to repel water away from his eyes so he could more easily see the Snitch (Hermione used the Impervius Charm). Who would've thought you could repel water using your own glasses? Lastly, his glasses show that his father, James Potter, also wore glasses, as he too had problems seeing.

Paragraph about how the glasses symbolize school:

One way Harry Potter's glasses symbolize school is they show anyone can be smart. Harry was not the top of his class, though he was famous. However, he is undeniably a smart kid. Another way Harry's glasses symbolize school is because of this neat idiom: "four eyes". This represents many things. For example, it could represent that one is very aware of what is going on in school. Lastly, Harry's glasses show that one must keep moving forward in school. You can connect to this from a clip in the movie, when Harry lost his glasses at the Whomping Willow, but had to keep moving forward into the Whillow in order to catch up to Ron Weasley. (Harry did get his glasses in the movie clip before he entered the tree, of course).

Hope this really helps you out! :)

Choose one piece of literature from this unit (“Harrison Bergeron” “A & P”, or “A Double Impulse”) Write a 2-paragraph essay using the RACEformat. Your essay should be formatted as follows:
Analyze the author's use of intended information (satire, sarcasm, irony,
understatement, etc.) to determine how it is used to help the reader gain
perspective. You must identify at least two implicit statements and provide
textual evidence for each.
What perspective is the author trying to get the reader to see by sharing
this information implicitly?


One implicit statement made in the story is that attempting to create equality can lead to a society in which individual expression and creativity are stifled.

In Kurt Vonnegut's "Harrison Bergeron", the author employs satire, irony, and understatement to help the reader gain perspective on the power of oppressive governments. One implicit statement made in the story is that attempting to create equality can lead to a society in which individual expression and creativity are stifled.

For example, the protagonist, Harrison, is arrested for his refusal to wear the handicaps required by the government, such as "a red rubber ball for a nose" and "scissors and blinders". This illustrates the government's extreme efforts to make everyone equal, despite the individual cost to freedom and expression.

Another implicit statement made in the story is that absolute power can lead to the loss of individuality and creativity. The Handicapper General and her agents have unchecked power and have forced the citizens to be subservient to their authority. The government's extreme measures to create an equal society also point to the consequences of having no opposition or counterbalance to power.

The perspective the author is trying to get the reader to see is that, while equality is important, attempting to enforce absolute equality through oppressive means can lead to the loss of individual expression and creativity. Through the use of implicit statements, the author conveys the idea that the goal of creating a truly equal society is impossible without freedom of expression and creativity.

Learn more about implicit statement: brainly.com/question/2837426


Answer: The lines have a strong rhythmic quality with a simple aabbccdd rhyme scheme. the lines use lambic pentameter, which means there are 10 syllables in each line. Pope makes sure that his word choice maintains this meter without making it sound forced. Pope also uses word pairs that rhyme but are not spelled similarly.



thank you for the answer


Thin and colourful, custodian of dreams and wishes adorned; holding the thoughts of yesterday and the hopes of tomorrow... what is this describing?


This is a nice riddle! I think that it is either a magazine or a newspaper. Why? Look, it's thin and colorful (like some magazine, or a newspaper). Both the newspapers and magazines are custodians of our dreams and wishes, and you can have an issue from yesterday, and the newer issue, the next day. I would say that it is newspapers! Hope it helps!

What type of figurative language is being used in this sentence. The tree shook its branches angrily.

a simile
b metaphor
c onomatopoeia
d personification





they cant be angry

Adela's favorite story is about a young girl with big dreams what is the function of the word about in the sentence