How did the termination process have an adverse effect on tribal leadership of the Klamath Tribe?


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Answer: The last Indian lands, mainly contained within reservations, contained some of the last untouched natural resources in the United States. Many reservations contained significant stands of timber and clean water resources, as well as significant underground mineral deposits.


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According to Madison, the national government and the state governments all get their power from
The image Group of Cannibal Indians most directly reflects which of thefollowing common beliefs among early European explorers in North America?O A. American Indians practice a savage culture that runs contrary tothe values of Christian civilization.O B. American Indians are too preoccupied fighting among themselvesto be a threat to Europeans.O C. American Indians are an unintelligent race that can be easilytricked into giving up their landsO D. American Indians' military prowess will make it impossible toestablish large North American colonies
What role did observation play in Abigail and John's escape plan?
Why did Texas need fast-moving defenders?A. It was large and had a long border with Mexico. B. It was large and had a long border with the United States. C. It was large and had few troops willing to defend it.D. It was large and had a long border with Canada DONE​
The Chimu were influenced by the ?

Why did Thomas Jefferson not attend the Constitutional Convention in 1787? He was against the formation of a new government. He was serving as minister to France. He was serving as minister to Great Britain. He was not asked to be a delegate.


Answer: He was serving as a minister in France


Several prominent Founders were absent from the Constitutional Convention. Thomas Jefferson was in Paris, serving as the minister to France, from where he deemed the delegates as “an assembly of demigods”.

John Adams didn´t participate either, also because he was abroad, serving as minister to Great Britain.

Samuel Adams and John Hancock did not participate either, and Patrick Henry turned down the invitation claiming that he “smelt a rat in Philadelphia, tending toward the monarchy

The original states, except Rhode Island, collectively appointed 70 individuals to the Constitutional Convention, but a number did not accept or could not attend. ... In all, 55 delegates attended the Constitutional Convention sessions, but only 39 actually signed the Constitution.

Webster gives two possibilities for the origins or source of our federal government’s power. What are those two sources?


The correct answer is exclusive powers;  concurrent powers

 Exclusive Powers are powers granted exclusively to that person, those powers are only directed at them.

Within the concurrent powers competence between laws, one must observe the principle of hierarchy of norms, where federal legislation takes precedence over state and municipal and state over municipal.

What was one result of the Cuban missile crisis?American and Soviet tensions increased dramatically.

President John F. Kennedy installed nuclear missiles in Turkey and Italy.

Nikita Khrushchev was overthrown in a military coup.

A "hot line" was installed between Moscow and Washington, D.C.


The correct answer is, a “hot line” was installed between Washington and Moscow.

One result of the Cuban missile crises was that a hotline was installed between Washington and Moscow.

As a result of the Cuban missile crises, on August 30, 1963, the United States government and the Soviet Union installed a direct line to getting direct communication between President John F. Kennedy and Soviet Union’s Premier Nikita Khrushchev. The direct line was called “hotline”. The moment was critical because there was tension between the two countries that were on the brink of nuclear war due to the missiles crises in Cuba.  

One resultant of the Cuban missile crisis was that a “hotline" was installed between Moscow and Washington, D.C.

Further Explanations:

The “Cuban Missile Crisis” was a confrontation between the Soviet Union and the United States on the deployment of “Ballistic Missiles” in Cuba. The settlement can also be considered as the demise of the Cold war and the beginning of the large scale nuclear war. The agreement was signed on 13th October 1962 that compelled the USSR to place nuclear missiles on the island to prevent future incursion and also initiated the establishment of numerous missile launch facilities.

As of result of the settlement, on 30th August 1963 government of both United States and Soviet Union instituted a direct line to get direct communication between chiefs of both the nations. President Nikita Khrushchev and John F Kennedy were conversed with a direct line known as “Hotline”. The circumstances were considered critical as the tension may lead to another nuclear war.

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  1. What was the charge of the 1807 indictment by the man who was chosen as vice president on February 17, 1801, by the House of Representatives after thirty-six ballots?
  2. Under the articles of confederation, if Virginia had ten thousand citizens and Delaware had five thousand citizens, how many votes would each state have in the legislature?
  3. In the case roe v. Wade, the Supreme Court ruled that state laws?

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The Cultural Revolution ultimately failed because?


people began to seriously question communism


c. the Chinese people began to question their faith in communism.


Problems facing settlers during the first Oklahoma land run included all of the following except __________.A.
a federal cavalry force that was too small to patrol the entire region
sooners sneaking into the Unassigned Lands before the official time
multiple claims on the same land, leading to disputes over land claims
difficulty finding land claims that would have neighbors in the region



b    it right



Answer is B



The eastern roman empire, centered in constantinople (modern day istanbul) is also known as the


it is also known as the byzantine empire.