Did i do this correctly?​
did i do this correctly?​ - 1


Answer 1


R" has coordinates (-4,6)


The pre-image is the original, while the image is the altered form. The image is notated by a '. When you alter the image ('), you get ".

T is dilated (multiplied) by 5, so it goes from T = (1,-2) to T' = (5, -10)

R = (-2, 3) → (multiply by 5) → R' = (-10, 15) → (multiply by 2/5 or 0.4) → R" = (-4, 6)

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your answer is 3/2x.

Step-by-step explanation:


-multiply 5/x by 2 to get common denominators.


-subtract numerators and keep the denominators the same.


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Step-by-step explanation:

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One way to solve the function is to choose any 2 points on either of the 2 graphs. Then compare the 2 points and see what difference needed to have occurred to give the point on the f(x) graph.

Look if the change is made to the x and or the y coordinates. Knowing this, either place the change in brackets for the x values or simply outside for the y values.

The function is most likely F(x) = X^2 + 2.


The difference of two times a number and three



2n - 3

Step-by-step explanation:

The difference of implies a subtraction between two terms.  Two times a number, implies some number being multiplied by two.  Hence, we can build the expression:

2n - 3

Where n represents the unknown number.


The bar diagram represents the ratio of points scored by the home team and the visiting team in a basket ball game. How many points did the visiting team score if the home team scored 84 points?



60 points.

Step-by-step explanation:

Bar diagram which represents the ratio of the points earned by the home team and visitor's team.

Fro the bar diagram,

Ratio of the points earned = \frac{\text{Points earned by the home team}}{\text{Points earned by visitor's team}}

                                            = (7)/(5)

If the points earned by the home team = 84

\frac{\text{Points earned by the home team}}{\text{Points earned by visitor's team}} = (7)/(5)

\frac{84}{\text{Points earned by visitor's team}} = (7)/(5)

Points earned by the visitor's team = (84* 5)/(7)

                                                          = 60

Therefore, 60 points were earned by the visitor's team.

The world’s fastest flying insect is the dragonfly. It can fly 36 miles per hour. If a dragonfly flew in a straight path at this rate, what distance would it fly in 15 minutes? (1 hour = 60 minutes) *


The total number of  distance the word fastest insect in 15 minutes would fly is 9 miles

How to determine the number distance it would fly

from the question, we have the following parameters that can be used in our computation:

Speed = 36 miles per hour

Time = 15 minutes = 1/4 hour

The distance it would fly​ is calculated as

Distance = Speed * Time

Substitute the known values in the above equation, so, we have the following representation

Distance = 36 miles per hour * 1/4 hour


Distance = 9 miles

Hence, the number of  distance it would fly is 9 miles

Read more about speed at



The answer is 9.
Step explanation: 36x15=540, after that just break down your 60x. then, divide 60 ÷ 540, which it gives you equal 9x.