Hello, could someone please help me with this
Hello, could someone please help me with this - 1


Answer 1



Step-by-step explanation:


To turn a fraction into a decimal you simply divide 33 by 40. The whole number - 27 - can stay.

27 33/40 = 27 + (33/40)

= 27 + 0.825

= 27.825

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The nicotine content in cigarettes of a certain brand is normally distributed with mean (in milligrams) μ and standard deviation σ=0.1. The brand advertises that the mean nicotine content of their cigarettes is 1.5, but you believe that the mean nicotine content is actually higher than advertised. To explore this, you test the hypotheses H0:μ=1.5, Ha:μ>1.5 and you obtain a P-value of 0.052. Which of the following is true? A. At the α=0.05 significance level, you have proven that H0 is true. B. This should be viewed as a pilot study and the data suggests that further investigation of the hypotheses will not be fruitful at the α=0.05 significance level. C. There is some evidence against H0, and a study using a larger sample size may be worthwhile. D. You have failed to obtain any evidence for Ha.



Step-by-step explanation:

This is a test of a single population mean since we are dealing with mean.

From the information given,

Null hypothesis is expressed as


The alternative hypothesis is expressed as


This is a right tailed test

The decision rule is to reject the null hypothesis if the significance level is greater than the p value and accept the null hypothesis if the significance level is less than the p value.

p value = 0.052

Significance level, α = 0.05

Since α = 0.05 < p = 0.052, the true statement would be

At the α=0.05 significance level, you have proven that H0 is true. B.

Maria bought bought 1 2/5 pounds of lunch meat for $3.36.How much would 2 3/4 pounds of lunch meat cost?
Enter your answer in the box.




Step-by-step explanation:

We are given that Maria bought 1 2/5 pounds or 7/5 pounds of lunch meat for $3.36.

Now to find how much would 2 3/4 pounds or 11/4 pounds of lunch meat cost, we will have to first find how much would 1 pound of lunch meat cost.

In order to find that we will apply unitary method here.

So cost of 7/5 pounds of meat = $3.36

Cost of 1 pound of meat = 3.36/(7/5) = $2.4

Cost of 11/4 pounds of meat = 2.4 * (11/4) = $6.6

So the cost of 2 3/4 pounds of lunch meat would be $6.6.


the answer is 6.6

Step-by-step explanation:

i took the quiz and got it right

Simplify by combining like terms- 9a+3-2a


Answer: 7a+3

Step-by-step explanation:

9a and 2a are two like terms that we can combine. Because there is a minus sign in front of the 2a, we should subtract 9a from 2a to get

7a. Then because the 3 has plus sign in front of it, we add 7a to 3. BUT because 3 a is NOT a like term, you don’t actually add it, so it looks like this: 7a+3. Hope this helped!

7a+3 because the 9 and 2 are from the same family since they both have a so u combine then and u cant combine 3 with anything so that’s left over

Which equation is equivalent to 4 x = t + 2
s = t-2


B= S=4/t+2
whenever you have the equation 4 x = t+2 you are trying to isolate the X by doing that you have ti take the 4 and divide it to the other side so the x can stay on that side

QuestionIf $500 is borrowed with an interest of 21.0% compounded monthly, what is the total amount of money needed to pay it
back in 1 year? Round your answer to the nearest dollar. Do not round at any other point in the solving process; only round
your final answer.




Step-by-step explanation:

Use the compound interest formula and substitute the given value: A=$500(1+0.21/12)^12(1)

Simplify using order of operations: A=$500(1.0175)^12=$500(1.231439315)




Step-by-step explanation:

The amount of each monthly payment is given by the amortization formula:

  A = P(r/n)/(1 -(1 +r/n)^(-nt)

where P is the principal borrowed, r is the annual rate, n is the number of times per year interest is compounded, and t is the number of years.

We want to find nA where we have n=12, r=0.21, t=1, P=500. Filling in these values, we get ...

  nA = Pr/(1 -(1 +r/n)^-n) = $500(0.21)/(1 -1.0175^-12) = $558.68

The total amount needed to repay the loan in 1 year is $558.68.

Find the solution(s) to the system of equations. Select all that apply.y = x^2-2x-3



(0, -3) and (4, 5)

Step-by-step explanation:

y = x² − 2x − 3

y = 2x − 3

2x − 3 = x² − 2x − 3

0 = x² − 4x

0 = x (x − 4)

x = 0 or 4