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Answer: Pessimistic

Because it shows that Red is saying how hope can drive a man insane.

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Please need help ill gove brainliest.Which of the following statements about writing dialogue is correct?A. Punctuation marks are placed outside of the quotation marks.B. Each change of speaker equals a new paragraph.C.Quotation marks surround the speaker’s words and the taglines.DThe spoken words should not be capitalized or punctuated.
Which literary device is used in this sentence?Poems respect our ability to interpret and translate images and signs.ForeshadowingIronyHyperbolePersonification
King Oedipus, while riding his chariot, comes upon a stranger whorefuses to give way to Oedipus on a narrow road. Oedipus in turnrefuses to give way to the insolent stranger. The two fight, and Oedipuskills him. Only later does Oedipus discover that the stranger wasactually his long lost father.Which common motif from mythology is most clearly shown in the story?A. The dangers of arroganceB. Physical transformationC. Explanations of natureD. The hero's journey
Can you answer the question that is blue please
Refer to the Newsela article "PRO/CON: Should We Abolish the Electoral College?"Part ARead the text under the heading "PRO: Let's Give All Voters an Equal Voice."Which claim does the author make as a pro for doing away with the Electoral College.The way the federal government is set up ensures that the minority has a voice.The popular vote determines the winner in a presidential election.The Senate and the House of Representatives have an equal voice in shaping government.It is important to ensure that small states have an equal voice.

List and explain any three social media sites and substantiate with examples​



Social network

Media sharing networks

Review network


Social media sites creates an avenue or arena which enables people to connect seamlessly allowing them to simultaneously exchange messages and media. In addition social media sites are very great for marketing and advertising campaigns which enables traders and businessowners to trade and generate revenue.

Social media sites include :

Social networks like Twitter and LinkedIn allows people to connect and market their goods online, it is also used as a customer service platform for companies and businesses.

Media Sharing Networks :

These platforms allows users to upload and view video and audio contents seamlessly. Common media sharing sites are such as Pinterest.

Social blogging Network :

These social media network allows users write and publish content on different topics and categories. Social blogging network include Medium

Choose one piece of literature from this unit (“Harrison Bergeron” “A & P”, or “A Double Impulse”) Write a 2-paragraph essay using the RACEformat. Your essay should be formatted as follows:
Analyze the author's use of intended information (satire, sarcasm, irony,
understatement, etc.) to determine how it is used to help the reader gain
perspective. You must identify at least two implicit statements and provide
textual evidence for each.
What perspective is the author trying to get the reader to see by sharing
this information implicitly?


One implicit statement made in the story is that attempting to create equality can lead to a society in which individual expression and creativity are stifled.

In Kurt Vonnegut's "Harrison Bergeron", the author employs satire, irony, and understatement to help the reader gain perspective on the power of oppressive governments. One implicit statement made in the story is that attempting to create equality can lead to a society in which individual expression and creativity are stifled.

For example, the protagonist, Harrison, is arrested for his refusal to wear the handicaps required by the government, such as "a red rubber ball for a nose" and "scissors and blinders". This illustrates the government's extreme efforts to make everyone equal, despite the individual cost to freedom and expression.

Another implicit statement made in the story is that absolute power can lead to the loss of individuality and creativity. The Handicapper General and her agents have unchecked power and have forced the citizens to be subservient to their authority. The government's extreme measures to create an equal society also point to the consequences of having no opposition or counterbalance to power.

The perspective the author is trying to get the reader to see is that, while equality is important, attempting to enforce absolute equality through oppressive means can lead to the loss of individual expression and creativity. Through the use of implicit statements, the author conveys the idea that the goal of creating a truly equal society is impossible without freedom of expression and creativity.

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Tell a story from the perspective of a Coyote , a Crow , a Bear , a Fish or a Turtle . Or pick your own animal . Tell a story about a place you would like to be ? Can you do it from the perspective of the place ? Tell your story , introduce yourself , tell me / us what is important about you and your story . • DIRECTIONS : Must be at least one page of writing , may include pictures ( extra ) . One page = 3 paragraphs , you can write more , but NOT less than 1 page . You may include any extras that you want . You should be able to share 1 THEME from your story .​



PLEASE read the explanation!!!!


1st paragraph. My name is Rin. And I'm a rabbit. I have powerful hind legs that help me to run from any danger. But not all danger. This is my story. This is what happened to me and scarred me for life... I was born in a small meadow, east of the big oak tree where all the elder rabbits huddled for meetings. We respected them and called them the "Longlings". The Longlings were there own sacred tribe that took care of all of us normal bunnies. We lived peacefully and in harmony until one day, a kind, strong, brave bunny appeared at our door. Until that momment, we had not known he was evil. We only loved his appearance. We never looked underneath that muscle and brawn. We really should have. His name was BOMB.


(You can continue the story and write about how Brawn hurt the tribe and led them to their doom etc etc... The theme is don't judge appearances but look underneath a person/bunny>) :)

In 35 words or fewer, describe a character from a movie, book, fairytale, video game, play, or another story that is round and has internal



book: great expectations: pip


Pip, an orphan about seven years old he lives with his sister who abuses him. Pip dreamed of becoming a blacksmith like his kind brother-in-law, Pip never feels comfortable with himself and when he mingles among the wealthy, he decides that a life of privilege would be more beneficial to him.


Can you describe spongebob or something, not tryna be funny.

Which social problem does Swift most strongly address in his proposal?A. Pollution
B. Racism
C. Freedom of speech
D. Social-class inequality


The social problem that Swift most strongly addresses in his proposal is Social-class inequality.

What is social class inequality?

The main social class inequalities are income gap, gender inequality, health care, etc.

The unequal benefits and opportunities for different social ranks or statuses within a group or society are referred to as social inequality.

It contains patterns of uneven distributions of resources, money, privileges, rewards, and punishments that are structured and recurring.

Thus, the correct option is D. Social-class inequality

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D. Social-class inequality


In Grendel, what poetic device is used in the phrase "ragged little bands that roamed the forest on foot"(31)?





a p e x

I think it is personification! Good luck :)