Activity plans, as opposed to lesson plans, are designed for ____ learning.holistic
"bits and pieces"
school-age children's


Answer 1


school-age children's


Activity plans, as opposed to lesson plans, are designed for school-age children's learning.

This is because, activity plans involve practicals which include specific task that must be done as part of a project and are best suited for school-age children's learning.

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Allay in a chiasmus sentence


An examples of a sentence with the word "allay" is: "The governor had to allay the state's fears of job losses by announcing a new factory in the state capital." Another example is: "Mary needed to allay Rob's issues of rejection by accepting his offer of a date." Hope it helps. 

What was the primary reason that William Penn granted religious freedom in his colony?O To antagonize the Puritan New England colonies in response to their disdain of the Quaker religion
To encourage settlers to come to his colony
To provide a haven for all religions being persecuted Europe
To foster peaceful coexistence with the Native American population in Pennsylvania


Answer: To encourage settlers to come to his colony


The colony of Pennsylvania was founded by William Penn on land given to him by the King of England to settle a debt that the King had owed to Penn's father. The King then named the colony after Penn's father.

William had asked for the land in order to allow him set up a colony where the Quakers (himself a Quaker as well), could attain religious freedom and be free from persecution.

In order to get more people to settle in the colony, William allowed for religious freedom at a time where the other colonies were still dragging their feet about it. This led to many people settling in Pennsylvania like William wanted.

Why is it important for people onstage and offstage in the theater to use the same vocabulary


Answer: To match the lipsing with the backstage voice artist.


The actor or actress working on state may not use their voice, while acting instead backstage people give voice to them. This occurs because the actress or actor at the stage may not give be attentive towards dialogue delivery or may forget the dialogues in public fear. Thus, it is advised that the actor or actress learn the script thoroughly and should not use own vocabulary or script during dialogue delivery. As it will not match with the voice recording of the actor or actress or with people working at backstage.

The chart indicates three employees in the Education and Training career cluster. Tasks of Three Employees in the Education and Training Career Cluster

Tasks Performed


teaches children that are three and four years old


makes sure the school is following student privacy laws


helps students decide which college they should attend

Which describes the jobs of these three individuals?

Prudence is a Special Education Teacher, Sangita is a Distance Learning Coordinator, and Edmond is a School Psychologist.
Prudence is a Kindergarten Teacher, Sangita is a School Principal, and Edmond is an Educational Counselor.
Prudence is a Pre-School Teacher, Sangita is a Regulator Affairs Specialist, and Edmond is a Guidance Counselor.
Prudence is a Tutor, Sangita is an Instructional Coordinator, and Edmond is an Instructional Designer.



✔️Prudence is a Pre-School Teacher, Sangita is a Regulator Affairs Specialist, and Edmond is a Guidance Counselor.


Looking at the tasks performed by Prudence, Sangita and Edmond:

✔️Prudence is a Pre-School Teacher:

A Pre-school Teacher is employed in a daytime school setting to care for children from infancy to 4 years.

✔️Sangita is a Regulator Affairs Specialist:

A Regulator Affairs Specialist is employed to ensure that the organization complies with the stated regulations. For Sangita working in a school, he is to ensure that the school complies with student privacy laws.

✔️Edmond is a Guidance Counselor:

A Guidance Counselor are professionals who are certified and employed in schools in order to help students make academic decisions. They assess students' ability, capacity and potentials.




How can you file a report with OSHA?Select all that apply.
In person
By fax or mail
After a phone conversation



All 4


(c) If the man eats a 300-calorie doughnut for breakfast, what percentage of his daily recommended discretionary calories remain unused? If the man eats another 300-calorie doughnut, by what percentage will he have exceeded the daily recommended discretionary calories? Round each figure to the nearest whole number.


If you are trying to lose weight and otherwise improve your health, you may already be mindful about what you eat during the day. You might skip breakfast. At lunch, you may opt for a salad with lots of veggies, no croutons and low-fat dressing -- on the side, of course. Then, three o'clock hits.