How did Hitler's decision to participate in confrontations on the Eastern and Western Frontsimpact the Axis?


Answer 1


was a nub


Answer 2
Answer: It caused a two front war which meant he couldn’t focus on one side same with Japan they had America to the east and Russia to the west

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Which statements are true concerning the Constitution? Select all that apply.Rights not reserved for the federal government are given to the states.The first ten Amendments to the Constitution are called the Bill of Rights.The Tenth Amendment gives states certain freedoms and control.The Third Amendment includes the freedom of speech and freedom of the press.
What impact did the Renaissance have on European society?
Which of the following progressive reform movements did not advance the interests of American educational, economic, and political elites while appealing to higher ideals? please give a reason to back up your answera- immigration restrictionb- settlement housesc- prohibitiond- direct democracye- powerful and privileged Americans benefited from all of the above
Which of the following best explains why missions failed
\Which empire focused on building the most successful merchant fleet and private companies to maximize trade instead of conquering large amounts of land ? (they did however build some settler colonies, New Amsterdam being the most famous) Question 5 options: English Spanish Dutch French

CoWhich best describes Jefferson's response to the handling of the Whiskey Rebellion?
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He thought the government's military action was a mistake.
He supported the use of the military to enforce tax laws.
He disliked the government's action but felt it was necessary.
He believed that whiskey producers had abused their power.



He thought the government's military action was a mistake.

What are the factors affecting your limitation?how about possibilities?​


The correct answer to this open question is the following.

Although you did not provide any context or reference, we can comment on the following general terms.

What are the factors affecting your limitation?

My own thoughts. That is why limits most of the people. When people think they cannot do something, it means that they don't believe to do so. And that is a big limitation or a self-fulfilling prophecy. Our bib best limitation is our thoughts. When we are not convinced that we are capable of doing something, all the odds are against us-

How about possibilities?​

It is said that the brain is the "great architect" that constructs reality. So, if we trust ourselves, we have made the great first step to accomplishing something.

Our possibilities depend on our mentality. But as I said, that is the first step. Because after a positive mentality, we need to prepare practice,  do it, and being perseverant in our efforts. It is a matter of thinking, believing, and doing.  

What was the Great Migration during World War I?the recruitment of American men to fight in the war in Europe
the movement of African Americans from the rural South to northern cities
the movement of white women from rural areas to industrial cities
the saving of food and fuel to help provide supplies for the war effort


The Great Migration during World War I was the movement of African Americans from the rural South to northern cities. Thus, options second is correct.

What is the significance of the Great Migration?

During the World WarI crisis, African Americans began to migrate from their places of birth in southern American states to North America and towns in the region in quest of better living prospects.

Blacksoutherners were relocated to northern and midwestern cities such as New York, Chicago, Detroit, and Pittsburgh during the First Great Migration (1910-1940). When the war effort increased in 1917, more able-bodied men were dispatched to Europe to fight, leaving their industrial occupations unfilled.

Following WWI, the GreatMigration was the movement of African Americans from the south to the north. They traveled to escape the segregation of the south and to seek economic possibilities in the war industry. Therefore, option B is correct.

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just because

What will probably happen at the end of Jimmy and his father’s day?They They will will go go home, home, since since they have have a a long long drive drive ahead ahead of of them.them.Jimmy Jimmy will will be be tired tired from from his his hike hike and and go go to to bed bed early.early.Jimmy Jimmy and and his his father father will will stargaze stargaze and find find more more star star shapes.shapes.Jimmy’Jimmy’s s father father will will finish finish unpacking unpacking and and setting setting up up


In this book, what will probably happen at the end of Jimmy and his father’s day is that they will go home since they have a long drive ahead of them.

What is the title of the story?

The book that features both Jimmy and his father is titled "A Train Trip" and was written by Ernest Hemingway.

The summary of the story is that Jimmy and his father are leaving their cabin to take a long trip.

Therefore, the Option A is correct.

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what type of question is this and who the heck is jimmy


Why did the ancient Egyptians build dams and channels?



for me this is my answer

✔ to limit flooding

 ✔ to store water

✔ to bring water to their crops

 ✔ to lift water from the river


so that they could bring water to their cities or where it was needed so they wouldn't have to build near a water source and gain more territory


Use what you have learned to put the following events in the order in which they occurred. The reign of terror happened
The French Revolution began
Napoleon led a coup d’etat
The directory seized power
Napoleon became first consul


The order in which the above events happened was:

  • The French Revolution began.
  • The reign of terror happened.
  • The directory seized power.
  • Napoleon led a coup d’etat.
  • Napoleon became first consul.

What happened during the French Revolution?

After the French Revolution succeeded in overthrowing the monarchy, the reign of terror happened under Robespierre.

When he was removed from power, the directory took over the running of the nation with varying degrees of success until Napoleon led a coup and took over. He then became the fist consul.

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