PLEASE HURRY TIMED 40 POINTS When making a prediction about reading, students should make a(n)_________about what is likely to happen next. A - scientific hypothesis
B - educated guess
C - simple explanation
D - estimated amount


Answer 1

B - educated guess

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Answer 2


scientific hypothesis


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The influence of Greek tragedy as filtered through Seneca can still be seen in modern plays, movies, and literature. Select a play, movie, or literary work with which you are familiar. In the space below, write a 150-word essay presenting and analyzing the evidence you find of Greek tragic elements as discussed in relation to Elizabethan and Senecan drama. Include examples of at least three different elements, with an explanation of each one. Be sure to include the title of your selected work, as well as its type (play, movie, or literary work such as a book or short story). Elements you might choose from include the tragic hero, premonitions, prophetic dreams, or revenge.
3.When breaking news is happening, anchors and correspondents should broadcast the story with _______ , or right away.
Which direct quote from "The School Days of an Indian Girl" provides the best evidence for the idea that Zitkala-sa was miserable at boarding school?a. "The annoying clatter of shoes on bare floors gave us no peace."b. "Immediately I dropped my eyes, wondering why I was so keenly watched by the strange woman."c. "I spied them in the rear ranks, looking as uncomfortable as I felt."d. "In my anguish I moaned for my mother, but no one came to comfort me."
Choose the Verb from that best Completes the sentence. 6. The policeman told Jumaslowly and carefully..(A) to drive(B) drive(C) drove(D) was driven7. Masoud asks his son everydayhelp with his homework.(A) if does he need(B) if he need(C) if he needs(D) if needed8. I don't know(A) why do they divorce(B) why have they divorced(C) why they have divorced(D) why they had divorcedhis9. Hilal said that heoffice key the day before.(A) looses(B) lost(C) have lost(D) had lost10. Rashid asked his bossfew days off.(A) whether he could take(B) whether he took(C) if can he take(D) if he wouldPlease help me I need the answer for this questions faster. ​
What is the meaning of the frequently repeated word pneumatic

Why does Parris suggest calling Reverend Hale


Because Hale is very well known for his exraditing of accused magic users such as witches.

You can get a hot chocolate……………. a cafe.






You can get a hot chocolate at a cafe.

Create an alternate ending for hey come on out?



Don't try to get rid of your problems in the easiest way possible because if you do they will come right back.

Which of the following best summarizes Roosevelt's list of four essential human freedoms? (4 points) All U.S. citizens should have the same civil liberties guaranteed by the Constitution. As many Americans as possible should have access to things like pensions and good medical care. Everyone in the world should be able to speak and worship freely and live without poverty or fear. Everyone in the world should have access to social security and employment.


The best summarizes Roosevelt's list of four essential human freedoms are everyone in the world should be able to speak and worship freely and live without poverty or fear. Thus, option (c) is correct.

Who is Roosevelt's?

Franklin D. Roosevelt was born on January 30, 1882. Franklin D. Roosevelt got into politics, but he did it as a Democrat. In 1910, he presided over New York.

Roosevelt said that freedom of the press, the ability to petition the government, the right to free speech, the right to assemble in whatever manner one chooses, and the right to practice one's religion are all basic rights guaranteed to all Americans.

Therefore, option (c) is correct.

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Everyone in the world should be able to speak and worship freely and live without poverty or fear.


What challenges do sam frightful and mole face in chapter 15?


It should be noted that the challenges that Sam frightful and mole face in chapter 15 include:

1) Skri and Bate arrive impersonating park rangers, they've come to poach.

2) The poachers try to kill Mole, and Sam finds out they're staying near John Burroughs house.

3) Sam gets the license plate number for Skri and Bate's truck and reports them.

4) The police arrive and arrest the poachers.

It should be noted that a challenge simply means a difficulty that a character faced. The above shows the challenges that Sam frightful and mole face in chapter 15.

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Hello there! 
In chapter 15 of the book "Frightful's Mountain" the setting was in fall. This shows that animals are starting to hibernate. A problem faced by Sam is that when he tried to start a fire overtime, he figured out that it didn't work. 
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What sentence in this excerpt from Eleanor Roosevelt speech "what liberties mean to the nation" is an emotional appeal to the audience


During her speech, she said something like : the struggle of world's peace cannot be the work of one man, or one party, or one nation, it must be a peace which rest on the cooperative effort of the whole world. This sentence arouse so much emotion from the audiences.