ABCD is a rectangle. Find the length of each diagonal.AC = 3(x - 5) and BD = x + 11
AC =
BD =
Please help!


Answer 1




3x-15 = x+11


x= 13

AC= 3(13 -5)= 24

BD= 13+11 = 24

Step-by-step explanation:

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I know the answer is 36 but I need to know the working out and I am unsure how to work the question out.Plz explain Thanks in advance!! :)
MATHAnswer and I will give you brainiliest Answer and I will give you brainiliest ​
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Which is bigger 0.159 or 1.590​




Step-by-step explanation:



Step-by-step explanation:its obvious hope this helped tho

Please help. Write each phrase as an algebraic expression.



The operation for 7 and x = addition

The expression= 7 + x

The quotient of z and 3

The operation is= dividing

The expression is= (z)/(3)

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Drag each figure to show if it is similar to the figure shown or why it is not similar



In the given shapes above, we can see that all shapes have four sides.

Above geometrical shapes could be named as Rectangles, parallelogram or quadrilateral.

First two shapes are Rectangles.

Third is a parallelogram.

Fourth and fifth shapes are Rectangles again.

Also we can say all those shapes with four side as quadrilaterals. (Note: A quadrilateral has four sides.)

Below shown shape has only three sides in it.

It is called a triangle when a shape has three sided close figure.

So, we could drag : Not similar - Different Type of shape.

Order of operations (41-3^2)-(4+4)


Order is operation is PEMDAS which means Parentheses, Exponents Mulitiplication,division,Addition and Subtraction so you follow the order whether they exist or not.

So (41-3^2)-(4+4)=

41-9-8 = 32-8 = 24

A polling company conducts an annual poll of adults about political opinions. The survey asked a random sample of 419 adults whether they think things in the country are going in the right direction or in the wrong direction, 54% said that things were going in the wrong direction. How many people would need to ve surveyed for a 90% confidence interval to ensure the margin or error would be less than 3%?


Answer: 747

Step-by-step explanation:

When prior estimate of population proportion (p) is given , then the formula to find the sample size is given by :-


, where z* = Critical value and E = Margin of error.

As per given , we have

p= 0.54

E= 0.03

Critical value for 90% confidence : z* = 1.645

Then, the required sample size is given by :-




Hence, the number of people would be needed = 747