A company announces to employees that it will no longer offer a bonus to employees that meet monthly sales quotas.What is the MOST LIKELY way this might affect the behavior of an employee who is motivated extrinsically?
The employee will not work as hard to meet the monthly sales quota
because there is no personal benefit to be gained.
he employee will try even harder to meet the monthly sales quota in an
effort to convince the company to reinstate the bonus.
The employee will encourage customers to buy elsewhere in an effort to
get revenge on his or her employer.
The employee will continue to try to make as many sales as possible
because making sales gives the employee great satisfaction


Answer 1


Jack has met his sales quota even though he was hospitalized for appendicitis during the year. b. ... aligning employee behavior with organizational business goals. A ... As long as most employees will experience an increase in pay with this system, they will be ... bonuses do not become part of employees' base wages. D.

Answer 2

Final answer:

The most likely effect of an employer removing a bonus for meeting sales quotas is that employees who are extrinsically motivated will reduce their effort, as their primary incentive for hard work has been taken away. Intrinsic motivation, such as personal satisfaction, may still drive some employees, but it is not the typical response in this context.


If a company announces that it will no longer offer a bonus to employees who meet monthly sales quotas, the most likely way this might affect the behavior of an employee who is motivated extrinsically is that the employee will not work as hard to meet the monthly sales quota because there is no personal benefit to be gained. This is because extrinsic motivation is driven by external rewards such as money, praise, or status. Removing the incentive, which is the reward given for work, often leads to a decrease in extrinsic motivation.

Using another scenario as an example, a businessman who feels he deserves a raise may find consolation in the idea that hard work is its own reward, showing how intrinsic motivation can still drive an individual even without external rewards. However, in the case of an employee motivated primarily by extrinsic factors, the removal of tangible rewards like bonuses often results in reduced motivation and effort. Additionally, market pressure sometimes can lead businesses to adjust pay, but in this scenario, motivation and performance are more immediately impacted by the company's decision to eliminate the bonus.

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Most christian would be against  capital punishment


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Which statements apply to both the initiative and referendum processes in Michigan? Check all that apply.The legislature must approve the measure before the citizens do.

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The process is designed to alter or repeal laws passed by the legislature.


The correct answer is B) citizens must gather petition signatures as part of the process.

The statement that applies to both the initiative and referendum processes in Michigan is "citizens must gather petition signatures as part of the process.

When Michigan citizens want to initiate a referendum process or sent an initiative to Congress they must start with the recollection of the needed number of signatures. When this happens, the Michigan legislature has 40 days to study the proposal, debate, and approve it or rejected it. If it's rejected, the proposal is placed in a future general election ballot. In the case of amendments, with citizens collect the signatures, the measure goes directly to the next general election ballot. In Michigan, the citizens have the power of veto referendum, if they do not agree with the legislation.

This is the answer I just had it and got it correct 
Citizens must gather petition signatures as part of the process.

The process concludes with a vote on the measure in a general election.

In 1963, what two recommendations did a group of Alabama clergymen propose to resolve the racial conflict in Birmingham


For the answer to the question above, these are the recommendations that Alabama clergymen  
 (1)All public facilities including schools and lunch counters in Birmingham should be integrated immediately w
hile (2) acknowledging that "the issues are not simple," the signatories want to provide leadership on the basis of knowing "the ultimate spirit in which all problems of human relations must be solved."

The racial conflicts that happened in Birmingham during the mid-Twentieth century were solved as per the idealsolutions, as racialdiscrimination was not considered as secular in England.

The correct statement is that Birmingham racial conflicts were solved by the recommendations of integration of federal institutions and acknowledgements of hard issues by looking at them from humanity perspectives.

How were the racial conflicts in Birmingham resolved?

The racial conflicts in the city of Birmingham were one of the most serious issues of racial discrimination and exclusion of Blacks from England. During this, the civil rights' movements reached their peak in America.

A group of Alabama clergymen gave recommendations to resolve these conflicts by integrating the institutions for all the races as early as possible and taking these issues from the viewpoint of societal power.

The Blacks were taken care of the human rights that they duly deserved and being treated equally without any differentiation in the society.

Hence, the correct statement is that the racial conflicts of Birmingham during the Twentieth century were solved by taking the aforementioned recommendation from the Alabama clergymen.

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