a baseball team has won 15 games and lost 12 games. Based on the results, which is the best prediction for the number of wins the team will have if they play162 games


Answer 1
Answer: 90
15 is 5/9 of 27... 90 is 5/9 of 162
Answer 2
Answer: games lost : games played --> games lost/games played

12/15 =?/162
 cross multiply and divide. --> 12 x 162/15 =129.6 
that means, they will lose about 130 games out of 162. therefore they will win about 32 games. 

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Volume is measured in cubic units true false



The statement is true.

Step-by-step explanation:

Volume is the measurement of the space occupied by any object. Thus, mathematically, we can represent volume as the product of area and height.

Thus, we have

Volume = Area × height

Now, we know that area is measured in square units and height is in units.

Thus, we have

Volume = Square units ×units

Volume = cubic units.

Therefore, we can conclude that volume is measured in cubic units.

Thus, the statement is true.

Volume is measured in cubic units is true statement.

Volume is a measurement of the amount of space occupied by a three-dimensional object.

It is expressed in cubicunits because it involves measuring the extent of the object in three dimensions: length, width, and height.

When these dimensions are multiplied together, the result is a quantity that represents the volume of the object.

Hence, volume is measured in cubic units is true statement.

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Solve the equation. If necessary, round your answer to the nearest tenth.x2 = 196



–14, 14



–98, 98


x^2 =196
x^2 -196=0
so (x-14)=0 && (x+14)=0
x=14 , -14
the answer is B


14, -14

Step-by-step explanation:

x^2 = 196

x = √(196)

x = √(4 * 49)

x = √(4) * √(49)

x = 2 * 7

x = 14

Hope this helps >.<

Find the exact value of tan 30 degrees w/o calculator


Here is a mantra that I learned in Geometry class in high school.  We were
all very excited, as angles had been invented only a few years earlier:

In a 30-60 right triangle ...
the side opposite the 30 is half the hypotenuse
the side opposite the 60 is half the hypotenuse times the square root of three.

So the tangent of the 30 would be (opposite) / (adjacent) = (1/2h) / (1/2h√3) .

That's (1)/(√3) or (√3)/(3) .
Look\ at\ the\ picture.\n\ntan30^o=((a)/(2))/((a\sqrt3)/(2))=(a)/(2):(a\sqrt3)/(2)=(a)/(2)\cdot(2)/(a\sqrt3)=(1)/(\sqrt3)\cdot(\sqrt3)/(\sqrt3)=(\sqrt3)/(3)

Which of the following is a cost homeowners insurance does not protect


-C... I just saw it on Quizlet

a landscaper is designing a flower garden in the shape of a trapezoid. she want to make to shorter base 3 yards greater than the height and the longer base 7 yards greater than the base. she wants the area 295 square yards. the situation is modeled by the equation h^2+5h=295. use the quadratic formula to find the height that will give the desired area


we know that

The formula to calculate the solutions of the quadratic equation of the form ax^(2) +bx+c=0  is equal to


in this problem we have

h^(2) +5h=295

equate to zero

h^(2) +5h-295=0

a=1\ b=5\ c=-295

substitute in the formula




the positive solution is

x=(-5+√(1,205))/(2)=14.86\ yd


the answer is

The height is 14.86\ yd

put you formula in this way:  ax^2+bx+c=0 this is  h^2+5h-295=0
Now solve with the second grade equation
a=1, b=5, c=-295
you will get h=14.86 and h=-19.86, you can not have negative numbers so the only answer is 14.86

Holly plans to attend community college next year her expenses are only $1,200 because her parents are paying the rest holly earned a &750 scholarship how much will she need to pay from her saving



$1200-$750 is $450. So Holly needs to use $450 from her savings

Step-by-step explanation:

Answer: A 450

Step-by-step explanation: