A particular frozen yogurt has 75 cal into ounces how many calories are in 8 ounces of the yogurt


Answer 1
Answer: I'm guessing you mean 75 calories in 2 ounces. 
In that case... you would do
75 / 2 = 37.5
37.5 x 8 = 300 calories in 8 ounces of yogurt

Hope I helped!

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Prove identity tan 3x−tan 2x−tanx = tan 3xtan 2xtanx
Which is the angle measure represented by 7.5 rotations clockwise?
How many time greater is 7000 than 700
What is the image of the point (9, -2) after a rotation of 90º counter-clockwise about the origin?
Does someone know how to do these two? I really can’t fail summer school and ALL work is due tomorrow and I have like 16 missing assignments

I am a decimalIf you double me,my double is between 0.6 and 0.7,
But closer to 0.6.

My Thousandths digit is not a 2.
But the thousandths digit of my double is.
What decimal might I be?


0.6<2x<0.65 (because it's closer to 6)

Since the thousandths digit of 2x is 2, then the thousandths digit of x is 1 or 6, so the decimal could be 0.301, 0.302, 0.311, 0.312, 0.321

Hope this helps :)

Numbers greater than 0.3 and less then 0.35 are between .6 and .7 when doubled.

Lets assume it is a decimal that goes up to the thousandths. 
0.310 to 0.324 Would be closer to .6 than .7. We know the thousands digit has to be a 1 or a 6 because its double ends in a two. So it looks like our options are 
.311, .316 and .321.

5. Find the equation of the line through the point (1, 3) with a slope of 2 in both pointslope form and slope-intercept form. Sketch a graph of the function.



point slope form: y-3=2(x-1)

Slope-intercept form: y=2x+1

Step-by-step explanation:






Multiple choice. How many solutions does the equation 6 + 1 = -6x+ 10 have?



x = 0.5, one solution

Step-by-step explanation:

6+1 = -6x + 10

7 = -6x + 10

-3 = -6x

6x = 3

x = 3/6

x = 1/2

x = 0.5

The numbers on a football field indicate 10 yard increments. You walk around the perimeter of a football field between the pylons. You walk a distance of 306 and 2/3 yards. Find the area and perimeter of the indicated regions. Write your answers as mixed numbers, if necessary. One end zone


Answer: 126.67 is the perimeter walked

Step-by-step explanation:

Given data:

Distance walked on the field = 306 2/3 yards.

Increments on the field = 10 yards.


We know a pitch has 4 sides let make it A, B,C,D = 306.67yards.

each has an increment of 10

= 10 x 10 + 10 x 10 = 200


= 306.67 yards – 200

= 106.67 yards.

For both end zones Perimeter

= 106.67 + 10 + 10

= 126.67 yards

Final answer:

The area of the end zone is 6400 square yards and the perimeter is 326 and 2/3 yards.


To find the area and perimeter of the end zone of a football field, we need to know the dimensions of the end zone. If the end zone has a width of 53 and 1/3 yards, we multiply the width by the length of the field, which is 120 yards, to find the area. So the area of the end zone is (53 and 1/3) x 120 = 6400 square yards. The perimeter is found by adding the dimensions together, so the perimeter of the end zone is (2 x 53 and 1/3) + (2 x 120) = 326 and 2/3 yards.

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Hickory Cell Phones offers a plan that charges a monthly flat fee of $40 plus $0.10 per text message. Catawba Phone Company does not have a monthly fee but charges $0.25 per text message. What is the least number of text messages that can be sent in order for Hickory Cell Phone company to have the better buy and how much money do you save? Show your work and explain your answer.​