A toddler takes off running down the sidewalk at 270 ft/min. One minute later, a worried mother runs after the child at 580 ft/min. After how many minutes will the mother overtake the toddler?


Answer 1
Answer: we know that in one minute the toddler is 2(270)=540 feet and mother is 580 so less than 1 minute

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The product of (4z2 + 7z – 8) and (–z + 3) is –4z3 + xz2 + yz – 24. What is the value of x? What is the value of y?
Simple interest.2700=2200(1+r)^5
If there is the same slope but different y-intercepts can there paths ever cross?
Is 2:3 abd 4:6 equivalent ratios
The volume of a square pyramid is equal to _____ times the volume of a cube where the bases are the same, but the square pyramid is half the height of the cube.

Through any two points there is/are exactly ________ line(s).


Answer:  Only one line is the correct answer.

Step-by-step explanation:

Through any two points, there is exactly 1 line segment.

As the definition of line states that line segment has exactly two end points.

And postulate (3) of Euclid states that through any two points there is exactly one line.

And it can't be extended to any limit,

As it has only two end points.

Hence, only one line is the correct answer.

one. that is the definition of a line.
Through any two points, there is exactly one line.

If a car travels 55 miles per hour how far will it travel in half an hour



27.5 miles

Step-by-step explanation:

55 divided by 2 is 27.5


27.5 miles

always half it when it is half a mile

There exists a similarity transformation that maps ABC to A'B'C. The measure ofthe measure of



Step-by-step explanation:               For any triangle, the angles add to 180 degrees

A+B+C = 180

68+46+C = 180

114+C = 180

C+114 = 180

C+114-114 = 180-114

C = 66

Angle C is 66 degrees

Angle C' is 66 degrees

The triangles ABC and A'B'C' are similar, so angle C = angle C'

M/2+m evaluate if m 14




Step-by-step explanation:

To add fractions find the LCD and then combine

Help asap. question screenshot attached



7m^(21)n^16 p^5

Step-by-step explanation:

This answer is found by diving exponents. You may be thinking its hard, but I promise you it is easier than it looks. First you look at exponent m and subtract 42-21 FIRST. that equates to 21 THEN you divide 21/3 which is 7m^21. There is only one answer with 7m^21

A software designer is mapping the streets for a new racing game. All of the streets are depicted as either perpendicular or parallel lines. The equation of the lane passing through A and B is -7x + 3y = -21.5. What is the equation of the central street PQ?See attachment below for picture/answer choices




Step-by-step explanation:

we know that

If two lines are perpendicular


the product of their slopes is equal to minus one



In this problem line AB and line PQ are perpendicular

Step 1

Find the slope of the line AB

The equation of the line AB is


isolate the variable y

3y=7x-21.5 ------> y=(7/3)x-21.5/3

The slope of the line AB is equal to


Step 2

Find the slope of the line PQ

remember that


we have

m1=7/3 ----> slope line AB


substitute and solve for m2



Step 3

Find the equation of the line PQ

The equation of the line into point-slope form is equal to


we have






y=(-3/7)x+9 -----> multiply by 7 both sides


7y+3x=63 -----> divide by 2 both sides

1.5x+3.5y=31.5 -----> multiply by -1 both sides


its B -1.5x − 3.5y = -31.5