What is the solution for this equation 13m-22=9m-6. This is a equation with variables on both sides


Answer 1
Answer: 13m-22=9m-6
Answer 2
Answer: 13m-22=9m-6
13m-9m=22-6  <-- integer signs change when it goes to the other side of the  equal to sign

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Sum of 7 7/8 + 2 11/12
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In a circle of radius 60 inches, a central angle of 35 will intersect the circle forming an arc of length _____.36.65 inches14.58 feet36.65 feet175 inches
Devon is asked to draw a triangle with the following specifications:at least one angle measuring 60°when the angles are placed in order from least measure to greatest measure, the differences in measures are equalthe longest side of the triangle is 2 inchesWhich of the following statements about this triangle is true?A. Exactly one triangle exists with the given conditions, and it must be a right triangle.B. Exactly one triangle exists with the given conditions, and it must be an equilateral triangle.C. Exactly one triangle exists with the given conditions, and it must be a scalene triangle.D. More than one triangle exists with the given conditions, and there is not a specific type that all instances must be.
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Find the surfacs area of a cone wirh a slant height of 18in and a radius of 7in


Formula of the surface area of a cone is:
S.A = Area of base + (1)/(2) × Perimeter of base × height of prism

S.A = \pir² + \pirl
       = \pi(7)² + \pi(7)(18)
       = 49\pi + 126\pi
       = 175\pi in² (in terms of \pi)
       = 549.7787 in²
       ≈ 550 in²

Which fraction is equivalent to 3/5?


and so on with the factors of 3 and 5.
These numbers simplified is 3/5
To find an equivalent fraction to 3/5 we can multiply the numerator and the denominator by any same number. lets do it with 2:-


(3*3)/(5*3)= (9)/(15)

So, a fraction equilateral tt 3/5 is 9/15.

Hope I helped ya!! xD

Are the angles with the given measures complementary, supplementary, or neither? m∠R = 43° and m∠S = 57°





the answer is neither because they just do look like they do but they don't because they are actually neither that's why it is so tricky.

George spins a spinner 108 times. The spinner lands on a green section 9 times. What is the best estimate of the probability that a spin will land on green? Explain pargraph please




Step-by-step explanation:

Probability is chance of occurrence.

It is observed that out of 108 trials, there were 9 successes i.e 9 times landing on the green section.

P(green) = 9/108

= 1/12

15. 3- (-3) +7 – 4 =
А. 12
в. 2
С. 9
D. 14



C. 9.

Step-by-step explanati

3- (-3) +7 – 4 =

3 + 3 + 7 - 4          (- (- =  + )

= 13- 4

= 9.

The answer would be C

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If Walter had $24 taken away for 12 bus rides, that means each bus ride cost him $2 — to find what one ride costs, divide 12 by 12 (=1). Then you must do the same to the cost: 24/12 = 2.