Find the slope of the line that goes through the points (-15,70) and (5,10) and (2,7) and (6,3).


Answer 1


Rise/run = 10-7/5-2 = 3/3 = 1

Therefore, the slope of the line is 1.

Answer 2
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The equation of the line passing through the points (4, 15) and (2, 25) can be expressed as y = mx + b. Give the value of b.


Equation of any line is given by y-mx+b where m is the slope and b is the y intercept.

Two points are given to us .Let us first find the slope

Slope of the points (4,15) and (2,25) is the difference of y divided by difference of x coordinate

m= (25-15)/(2-4)=(10)/(-2) =-5

Slope m= -5 and any (x,y)=(4,15)

We put these values in y=mx+b to find b (Any of the two given points can be taken as (x,y)



Adding 20 both sides



Or b=35.

Slope formula: y1-y2/x1-x2=m, given that x and y are coordinates and m is the slope. You have two sets of coordinates in your question, so I will first use those to find the slope of the equation:


This reduces to -10/2, or -5.

Slope intercept form: y=mx+b, given m is the slope and b is the y-intercept. Plug the slope in now.


Now, use one of the coordinates in the question to solve for b. I'm using (4,15).



Add 20 to both sides.


Your equation is: y=-5x+35

and b=35

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quentin has 18 unit cubes how many diffrent rectangular prisims can he build if he uses all of the cubes


1.)  18 in. by 1 in.  2.)  18 in. by 1 in.  3.)  2 in. by 9 in. 4.) 9 in. by 2 in. 5)  6 3 in. 6.)   3 in. by 6 in. 
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the length of a rectangle is 5cm greater than the width. the area of the rectangle is 84cm squared. find the length and width




Length=12\ cm

Width= 7\ cm

Step-by-step explanation:

Let the Width of rectangle be 'x' cm.

Then the length of a rectangle will be (x + 5) cm.

Area of rectangle given is 84 cm squared.

To Find:

Length = (x+5) = ?

Width = x = ?


We have area of rectangle given as

\textrm{Area of Rectangle}=Length* Width

Substituting the given values we get

84=(x+5)x\nx^(2) +5x-84=0\n

On factorizing we get

x^(2) +12x-7x-84=0\nx(x+12)-7(x+12)=0\n(x+12)(x-7)=0\n(x+12)=0\ or\ (x-7)=0\nx=-12\ or\ x=7\n\therefore x =7\ cm\ \textrm{As x cannot be negative}


Length=x+5=7+5=12\ cm


Length=12\ cm

Width= 7\ cm

Find the quotient. 1,458/26


The quotient is 56, and there is a remainder of 2.

The quotient of 1,458 divided by 26 is 56. In long division, you would set up the problem as follows:



26 | 1,458

You start by asking how many times 26 can fit into 145 (the first two digits of 1,458). The answer is 5 (5 times 26 equals 130).

You write the 5 above the line and subtract 130 from 145, leaving you with 15.

Then, you bring down the next digit, which is 8, making it 158. You repeat the process, finding that 26 goes into 158 six times (6 times 26 equals 156).

Write the 6 above the line, and you're left with a remainder of 2. So, the quotient is 56, and there is a remainder of 2.

for such more question on quotient


1458/26 = 56.0769230769

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