Which term describes a budget in which expenditures exceed revenue?A. National budget
B. Balanced budget
C. Budget deficit
D. Budget surplus


Answer 1


C. Budget deficit


An expenditure refers to a cost, while revenue refers to the amount of money you have available to spend. If the amount you spend is greater than the amount of money you have available, you have a deficit. Another word for a deficit is a shortage. In other words, the budget is short money when you spend more money than you have available.

Answer 2
Answer: It's C. Budget deficit

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Identical twins Jessica and Jenny live with their biological parents. Jessica took an intelligence test when she was 9 years old and got a score of 100. Jenny took the same test. What would you predict Jenny's score to be





Final answer:

Jenny's intelligence test score is likely to be close to Jessica's based on their genetic similarity as identical twins. However, factors like environment and personal experiences can also influence IQ, potentially leading to some differences in their scores.


Based on the genetic similarity between identical twins, we can infer that their intelligence quotient (IQ) might also be similar, given that genes play a substantial role in determining intelligence. This conclusion is supported by several twin studies which have found a higher correlation in the intelligence levels of identical twins raised apart than that of unrelated individuals. Therefore, we can predict that Jenny's intelligence test score would be relatively close to Jessica's score of 100. However, it's also important to remember that while genetics play an important role, environmental factors, learning experiences, and unique variations in epigenetic factors can also have significant influence on a person's intelligence. These factors may cause some divergence in the IQ scores of identical twins.

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A, D, E are your answers for this question

D a drama and comedy I belive

What population problem is India facing, and what are the consequences of this situation?


India's population is expanding quickly. India already struggles to feed its population due to high birth rates. Both doctors and schools are in short supply. Sanitation facilities and electricity are not available to everyone. Also prevalent are high rates of newborn and child mortality.

What is population problem?

Africa is the major region with the quickest rate of population growth. The population of sub-Saharan Africa is projected to quadruple by 2050. Even if fertility rates sharply fall in the near future, Africa is expected to experience rapid population expansion.

According to UN predictions, there will be more than 11 billion people on the planet by the end of the century. There are 227,000 additional births each day. As the world's population grows, so do the demands for water, land, forests, and fossil fuels, which has an adverse effect on the already endangered flora and fauna.

Thus, India's population is expanding quickly.

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India’s population is growing very rapidly. Birth rates are high, and India already has trouble providing enough for everyone. There are not enough schools or doctors. Not all people have access to electricity or sanitation. There are also high rates of child and infant mortality.

Explanation:I took the test:D

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