Features of ____Organization
• Citizens elect representatives
• Citizens communicate wishes to
representatives before meetings
• Representatives attend meetings and vote on citizens' behalf

• Used in less than 1 percent of municipalities

Which form of municipal government best completes the title of the chart?

A. Town Meeting
B. Council-Manager Plan
C. Representative Town Meeting
D. Commission Plan



Answer 1

The municipal government that perfectly completes the chart is the representative town meeting.

Option C is the correct answer.

What are meetings?

Meetings are gatherings where many people are invited to discuss the important agenda of it.

The representative town meeting is a kind of meeting where the representatives are chosen by the citizens of the country. The people have the right to put their views in front of the representatives. The representatives can participate in the meetings and also cast the vote as per the people's choice. This type of meeting is held in a minimum of 1% of municipalities only.

Therefore, the representative town meeting is the municipal government which completes the given chart.

Learn more about the municipal government in the related link:



Answer 2


I think C would be the best answer

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I’m not 100% yet, but I think is C

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See below


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Thus, the correct option is C.

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The correct answer is "What is just or right is prior to and independent of any particular conception of the good life."