Find the length of the leg x Enter the exact value, not a decimal approximation
Find the length of the leg x Enter the exact - 1


Answer 1


x = √(189)

Step-by-step explanation:

Use pythagorean theorem to solve for x.


a^2 + b^2 = c^2


a = 6

b = x = ?

c = 15

Plug in the values into the equation

6^2 + x^2 = 15^2

36 + x^2 = 225

Subtract 36 from each side

x^2 = 225 - 36

x^2 = 189

Take the square root of both sides

x = √(189)

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You have 1 quarts of brown stock.You need 1 cups to make one serving of braised short ribs.
How many servings can you make?
(don't include partial portions)



you can make 4 servings because 1 quart is 4 cups

2. Anne needs to know how much of her back yard will be used by her newcircular pool. *
1 point
11 feet
What is the area of the pool? Use 3.14 for T.



see below

Step-by-step explanation:   6  13  8  09

area = π r²    is the equation to calculate the area of the pool   r = radius

I don't no if the 1.11 ft is the diameter of the radius, so I will use the 1.11 ft as the diameter

diameter = 2×radius

diameter / 2 = radius

area = π (d/2)²   = T (d/2)²              d = diameter      π  = T      

        = 3.14(1.11 / 2)²              

        = 3.14 × (0.555)²

        = 0.9677 ft²    which seems like a small pool!

In rectangle KLMN, KM = 9x+26 and LN = 84.5. Find the value of x.



x = 6.5

Step-by-step explanation:

square is rectangle

9x+26 = 84.5

84.5 - 26 = 58.5

9x = 58.5

x = 58.5 divided by 9

x = 6.5

Each person plans to take 2 slices of pizza.mark concludes that he would get more pizza by taking 1 slice from each pizza.instead of 2 slices from the first pizza



No if you only get two slices, it doesn't matter which pizza you take it from you still only get 2 slices.

Step-by-step explanation:

Point R(4,-5) is reflected across the y-axisto point S. Point S is reflected across the x-
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too hard Step-by-step explanation:

What is five and seven hundred twenty-four thousandths in expanded


Iin expanded form, 5.724 is: 5 + 7/10 + 2/100 + 4/1000

How to write in expanded form

The number 5.724 can be written in expanded form as:

  • The digit "5" represents the whole number part.
  • The digit "7" after the decimal point represents 7 tenths, or 7/10.
  • The digit "2" after that represents 2 hundredths, or 2/100.
  • The digit "4" at the end represents 4 thousandths, or 4/1000.

5 + 7 * (1/10) + 2 * (1/100) + 4 * (1/1000)

So, in expanded form, 5.724 is:

5 + 7/10 + 2/100 + 4/1000

Read more on expanded form here



The way I would write it is: 700,000 + 20,000 + 4,000= 724,000

Step-by-step explanation: How I got that answer is that is how you write in expandad form.