______ is the culprit separating the student from practiceA. Posture
B. Time limits
C. Procrastination
D. Practice space


Answer 1

Procrastination is the culprit separating the student from practice. Hence, the option c is correct.

What is Procrastination?

It is the action for not necessarily and delays or postponing something instead of knowing that there should be negative impact of doing so.

hence, we can say that Procrastination is the culprit separating the student from practice. Hence, the option c is correct.

And, the other options are wrong.

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Answer 2
Answer: C . Procrastination

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Therefore, Thus option (A) is correct.

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but can u add more like a picture or anything?

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Option B: journals is your answer

umm... journal we went through that lesson a few months ago

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I don't understand tje question

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