(Giving brainliest and extra points! Help me! Have a proper answer or else u will be getting reported. pls, and ty :) )Read the story Lost in the Woods:

I never thought departing the trail just a little would be a big deal. My parents had cautioned me so many times about wandering off and how easy it is to get disoriented. But, I wasn't planning to go very far. In fact, I kept looking back to make sure I could retrace my steps. Looking back didn't work. All of the trees began to look the same, and nothing looked familiar. It wasn't until I finally decided to make my way back that I realized I was lost! I had gone much farther, and for much longer, than I had planned.

The warmth that the sun had brought to the forest in the daytime was now quickly disappearing. My parents' warnings came racing through my head. What did they tell me to do if ever I got lost? Over and over they drilled into me, "The most important thing to remember is S.T.O.P.!" It's an acronym for sit, think, observe, and plan. I stopped, sat down on the forest floor, and pulled my knees in close. It was cooling off, and a light drizzle was dampening the forest. I was lonely and scared. I knew that to survive, I had to stay warm, and I needed to drink water. Before I got any wetter, I made a very crude lean-to from the nearby branches and foliage. I managed to collect a bunch of dry leaves for a mattress. It was dark now. I took off my T-shirt and wrapped it around my legs, pulled on my hoodie, and curled up on the bed of leaves. I couldn't sleep. It was a cold, dark, and spooky night, and I was hungry.

It felt like forever before the dawn filtered through the trees the next day. I knew I had to remain calm and make my whereabouts known. My family would be searching for me. I pulled out the only tool I had brought with me, my voice! I began to yell as loudly as I could,

"Help! I'm over here!"

Soon, very faintly at first, I could hear voices. I knew it was the search party, so I kept yelling and then listening. They kept calling out my name, and I kept replying until we were together. My dad was holding me close when he reprimanded me,

"Don't you know you were late for supper? I'm disappointed that you wandered off. I'm glad you told us where you were going, and I'm proud of you for remembering the survival techniques. But, I bet you won't do that again, eh?"

"Nah, I think I learned my lesson," I answered sheepishly.

Read the story The Rescue:

Captain Henry was said to be one of the best divers in Bayfield, Wisconsin, and now he is said to be the best ship captain. However, this evening on Lake Superior was different from any other evening that Captain Henry had seen. It was a wavy and stormy night on the lake. Captain Henry was directing all of his strength to hold the steering wheel and control the ship. The waves were the size of mammoths, and the boat continued to fill with angry water. Captain Henry yelled at his fellow sailors to scoop out the water that was weighing down the ship, but the sailors could not work any faster. "We are sinking! We are sinking!" shouted the sailors.

Captain Henry knew that they were in trouble. With little time to spare before the ship began to sink into Lake Superior, Captain Henry made an urgent call to his older brother. His older brother had helped him with everything from cuts to broken bones all of his life. He was a father figure to Captain Henry. Coincidently, his older brother was also the strongest, bravest, and most dedicated coastguard in Bayfield, Wisconsin. Luckily, with Lake Superior just north of Bayfield, Captain Henry's brother would hopefully be able to rescue them soon. Captain Henry began to desperately flash the emergency lights on the boat so that his brother could find him. In the distance, the sailors pointed to a boat coming their way and tooting its horn. As Captain Henry's brother arrived, he threw a rope to the sailors and pulled them to safety. Standing on the boat, wrapped in blankets, the sailors, Captain Henry, and his brother watched the ship sink. "All good things must come to an end," stated Captain Henry, sadly. "But, hey! Now, you can practice your diving again and go see your ship at the bottom of the lake," joked Captain Henry's brother.

What is similar about the characters' response to events in both stories?

A) In both stories, the main characters are trying to survive a distressing situation and need help for their rescue.

B) In both stories, the main characters get lost and are trying to find their way back home by themselves.

C) In both stories, the main characters must try to survive a terrible thunderstorm, and they are worried.

D) In both stories, the main characters rescue someone who is trying to survive and needs help.


Answer 1


I think it A) in both stories, the main characters are trying to survive a distressing situation and need help for their rescue.


I read and i have a strong feeling its A!

Hope this Helps! :)

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The correct answer is D. The problem of not all students having a chance to share their opinion.


During a discussion, all students must participate and give their opinion or position on a specific topic. However, usually in student groups, some talk for a long time taking time away from other students to intervene. This is a problem in a discussion as it would prevent knowing all the opinions and positions of all the students. Therefore, it would be pertinent to have a person in charge of moderating the time of each student's turn to speak during the discussion. According to the above, the correct answer is D. The problem of not all students having a chance to share their opinion.

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we were ready to harvest corn from the lush,barren field.

minor character always undergo huge changes over the course of a story.

my dog is so peculiar-sometimes he'll bark at absolutely nothing!


The sentence "My dog is so peculiar- sometimes he'll bark at absolutely nothing!" uses all of its words correctly. I can't tell which is the vocabulary word, since it's not italicized, but this is the only fully correct sentence. If the vocabulary word is peculiar, the reason it works in this sentence is because it means "weird" or "odd", which would both also work in this sentence. 


The sentence "My dog is so peculiar- sometimes he'll bark at absolutely nothing!" uses all of its words correctly


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My cell phone has profoundly impacted my life in ways I couldn't have imagined just a decade ago. It has become an indispensable tool, connecting me to the world and serving as my daily companion. It provides instant communication with loved ones and serves as my personal organizer, navigator, and a gateway to endless information and entertainment. For instance, it helps me schedule and access essential apps for work to streamline my daily routines. Furthermore, my phone enriched my leisure time, offering a library of books, a vast universe of games, and a window to explore new hobbies and interests. While it has made life more convenient, I must balance and ensure that my screen time doesn't overshadow the real-world experiences that make life truly meaningful.

Hi celestepingel8,

I'm here to support and guide you with your assignments. Feel free to reach out whenever you need assistance or advice, proffrank01[at]gm ail. c om.



Select the correct text in the passage.At the beginning of Eugene O'Neill's Beyond the Horizon, Robert is portrayed as a dreamer. Which sentence in this excerpt from the play reflects his dream of leaving the farm?



Robert: “What I want to do now is keep on moving so that I won’t take root in any one place”


This sentence said by Robert to his brother Andrew in the beginning of Eugene O’Neill’s play Beyond the Horizon” reflects Robert’s dream of leaving the farm. Before this sentence Andrew says to Robert that he should have gone back to college for completing his studies. But Robert tells him that he left college because their father wanted to save money, and further even if their father had not wanted so, he would have left college because what he (Robert) really wanted to do was keep moving, because he did not like the idea to stay at any one place.

There are some other references too about Robert’s dream of leaving the farm, for example poetry from the poetry book Robert was reading, (read by Andrew) has these lines,

"I have loved wind and light and the bright sea. But holy and most sacred night, not as I love and have loved thee."

But the sentence spoken by Robert himself reflects his dream most clearly.

Common lit answer key for supernova


Hi, your question is unclear. However, I provided brief information about a supernova.


A supernova is an expression used to refer to the death of a star. In other words, it is a phenomenom where the elements found in a star becomes so hot that it results in a massve explosion which destroys the star.

After the explosion, mass amount of energy is released which forms other elements which are released into space.

Suppose you overslept and you're going to be late for work or school. You run out the door to start your car-not with a quick turn of a key, but by hand cranking: laboriously turning or pulling a hand crank on the
front of the car. Before Charles Kettering invented an electric auto-ignition and self-starter for automobiles
in the early 1900s, starting a car was quite an arduous task. Kettering's invention made it easier for anyone
to start and use an automobile, contributing to the growth of the U.S. auto industry.
The author uses a hypothetical everyday situation in order to
stress the importance of getting to work on time
O show that Kettering's invention was not necessary
O illustrate the sophistication of cars in the early 1900s
o highlight the impact of Kettering's invention on society



Highlight the impact of Kettering's invention on society


You can use process of elimination on this. It's not the first one, because the author praises his invention and says it helped by "contributing to the growth of the U.S", we can eliminate the second one because he isn't writing about how sophisticated cars were, only about the invention. That leaves the last one, which makes the most sense and has been checked.