Rewrite the sentence with the correct capitalization.every summer, my dad teaches a science class about sea turtles in the atlanic ocean.


Answer 1


Every summer, my dad teaches a science class about sea turtles in the Atlantic Ocean


Answer 2
Answer: Every summer, my dad teacher a science class about sea turtles in the Atlantic Ocean.

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Skinner's explanation of language could not fully explain how humans learn languages because:
Howard Gardner proposed a model that described ____ different types of intelligences.
Compared to people with schizophrenia in developed countries, people with schizophrenia in developing countries:A. tend to have families that are more intrusive, hostile, and overinvolvedB. are more likely to have a sole caretakerC may have social environments that facilitate better adaptation and recoveryD. are more likely to remain incapacitated by the disorder in the long term.
A researcher is interested in whether drinking water right before bed increases the likelihood that children will wet their bed at night. The researcher recruits fifty 3-year-old children to participate in her study. Twenty-five children are given two glasses of water two hours before their bedtime (one glass per hour) and twenty-five children are prohibited from consuming liquids within two hours of their bedtime. Then, the researcher called the parents asking them to report whether their child wet the bed at night. What method of data collection was employed in this study?
Why do the behavior of males and females different

A change in the value of an objective function coefficient does not change the optimal solution.True or False


It is accurate to say that the optimal solution is unaffected by changes in the value of an objective function coefficient.

What is coefficient?

  • A coefficient refers to a number or quantity placed with a variable. It is usually an integer that is multiplied by the variable and written next to it. The variables which do not have a number with them are assumed to be having 1 as their coefficient. For example, in the expression 3x, 3 is the coefficient of x but in the expression x2 + 3, 1 is the coefficient of x2. In other words, a coefficient is a multiplicative factor in the terms of a polynomial, a series, or any expression. Observe the following expression which shows that 5 is the coefficient of x2 and 8 is the coefficient of y.
  • A coefficient can be positive or negative, real or imaginary, or in the form of decimals or fractions. Another definition of coefficient says, “Any number with which we multiply a variable." For example, in the term 9.3x, 9.3 is the coefficient of the variable x, and in -5z, -5 is the coefficient.

To learn more about variable refer to:


Participants who are subjected to all of the experimental procedures except the experimental manipulation are called ___.


Answer: They are called CONTROLS.

Control in an experiment can be defined as an entity that remains the same throughout the experiment. A control in an experiment must remain the same in order to get accurate result. This is done by comparing the results of the experiment with the control.

Controls are used in experiment where some not so obvious factors that might affect the experiment significantly might be present.

In the question given below, there are two statements marked as Assertion (A) and Reason(R). Read the statements and chose the correct option:

Assertion (A): India is rated as more developed than Sri Lanka by UNDP

Reason (R): The life expectancy and per capita income in Sri lank is more than India



"India is rated as more developed than"... is assertion and the second one is reasoning.


Two reasons why both men and women could become victims of violence?


Because violence is a pattern of behavior which can involve both women and men 

Select two of the offices underneath the jurisdiction of the executive office. 1.National House of Senatorial Privilege 2.National Security Council 3.Office of Policy Development 4.the Overview ChamberPlease help me


National Security Council and Office of Policy Delopment

According to George H. Mead, the "generalized other" is the attitude of Select one: a. a significant role model. b. a caregiver. c. one's family. d. the larger community in which one is socialized.



c. one's family


George Herbert Mead was a famous American sociologist, psychologist and a  philosopher. He was one of the distinguished pragmatists of his time.

According to George Mead, "generalized other" refers to an individual's internalized conception of attitudes and expectations which is held by the society.

Mead called the family members as the "generalized other" as one's family is important to socialization process because family passes along the social identity to the children in terms of ethnicity, religion and class.