Many percentage of UAE mountains from the countries of total area​


Answer 1




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I don’t think that they should’ve built that new factory _____ to the school. 1. adjective 2. adjacent 3. adjusted 4. adjudicate
What is the central idea of The Tragedy of Macbeth by William Shakespeare
In the ninth paragraph, the author makes which of the following claims about the early years of her writing career?
What is the main reason Sam is so actively engagedwith the text he is reading?When Sam's science teacher assigns the class some onlinereading assignments about marine biology, Sam raceshome after school. He is excited to start reading-hewants to learn as much as he can about the subjectbecause he is planning a career in marine biology. Hestudies the reading material closely, memorizing thedifficult words and taking many notes. When it comestime for the test, he gets a high grade, improving hisoverall class grade as a result.O He wants to do well on the upcoming test.O He needs to increase his understanding of difficultvocabularyO He wants to improve his overall class grade.O He is highly interested in the subject matter.
Which of these lines most clearly expresses conflict?1. Rising action 10 MINUTES!2. Falling action3. resolution4. Exposition

What did we say to each other that now we are as the deer who walk in single file with heads high with ears forward with eyes watchful with hooves always placed on firm ground in whose limbs there is latent flight.Which statement about the poem is false? ​



forth line


What is the correct spelling of the underlined word? Spell check indicates which words you have mispelled by underlining them in red.A. misspelled
B. It is correct as is.
C. misspeled
D. misspelleed


The answer is A, misspelled. I can’t see the underlined word but I am assuming that I’m correct, have a good day and you’re welcome :)
The correct answer would be A. explanation is because Miss spelled is spelled misspelled

विरूदधारती राब्द सियर



yelai k garne bahini!!!!!

When it was time to go snorkeling, Greg said he would


Greg said he would prefer not to snorkel when it was time to go snorkeling.

What is snorkeling?

Snorkeling is a process through which the person usually travels or swims in water with the help of a mask and a tube.

Snorkeling is among numerous activities available on Isla de Corales' Mild Side. For a project, he had gone into a sea But when a school of blue and purple fish swirled surrounding Greg, Greg thought they have all been avoiding an attacker, and so swam more towards the yacht.

Greg mistakenly gulped a significant amount of liquid as just a seahorse approached, assuming they had indeed ingested the seahorse. After a physician examined him, he had assured that things were alright.

From that incident, Greg had always been considered an afraid child and was scared. and would not go snorkeling.

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When it was time to go snorkeling, Greg said he would D.  stay on the boat and play Scrabble with the captain

What did Greg say?

When it was time to go snorkeling, Greg said that he would prefer to stay on the boat and play scrabble with the captain. In the story, "Diary of A Whimpy Kid," we learn of Greg, a boy who preferred not to do manly things.

He was used to feminine attitudes like wearing the robes of his mother. So, when it was time to go snorkeling, Greg said he would stay on the boat and play Scrabble with the captain.

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Complete Question:

When it was time to go snorkeling, Greg said he would ---.

A  let Rodrick have the last life jacket

B  take a shift  cleaning the freshly caught fish

C go in the water long enough for one family picture

D  stay on the boat and play Scrabble with the captain

As he sat and regained his breath, he noted that he was feeling quite warm and comfortable. He was not shivering, and it even seemed that a warm glow had come to his chest and trunk. Then the thought came to him that the frozen portions of his body must be extending, and he made another wild run along the trail. And all the time the dog ran with him, at his heels.What is the character’s motivation in the excerpt?

The man is internally motivated by his loyalty to the dog.
The man is internally motivated by a survival instinct.
The man is externally motivated by the hope of peer recognition.
The man is externally motivated by the urgings of the dog.


Answer: The second opinion


He was comfortable so it couldn’t have been external and him and his dog was doing fine but he knew he was alarmingly cold

The second opinion

**HELP I NEED ANSWER ASAP***Write a paragraph explaining how Mandela develops a central idea in his speech. Use your answer in part A to make a claim about the central idea. Then use the chart from part B to explain how it’s developed or revealed and provide textual evidence to support your thinking



In Nelson Mandela's inaugural speech he presents to his people, one of the most significant central ideas that is portrayed through his words include how he believes in the renewal of the country through unity in the people. During his speech, he mentions that, "Out of the experience of an extraordinary human disaster that lasted too long, must be born a society of which all humanity will be proud." When Mandela says this, he causes the audience to look back on the tragedies that the country has faced. Mandela then expresses that after such a tragedy, the people must come together to create a society in which there is no division.   He also mentions that, "The moment to bridge the chasms that divide us has come." Mandela wants the country to come together to fill the gaps that divide the country. He calls out to the people to put aside their differences to rebuild the country so that everyone may live in peace and tranquility in one unified country.   Throughout his entire speech, he inspires the people of South Africa to unite together so that one country may consist of a society that works to benefit others.


This is what I put. I hope it helps a little bit :).


A central idea in Mandela’s inaugural speech is his hope for South Africans to unite and create a new and just society. He develops this central idea in the first few paragraphs by repeating words and ideas about humanity and rebirth. For example, he asks his audience to “consider humanity’s belief in justice,” and says that a society must be “born of which all humanity will be proud.”


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