Who is the artist of this painting and what is it called?​
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Answer 1


The Abduction of the Sabine Women

Nicolas Poussin


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What’s the main difference between the passages



What passages?


There are no passages

Which of the following best represents the difference between dramaturge and scrip doctor?1. A dramaturge works in film and theater but a script doctor only works in film.

2. A script doctor works in film and theater but a dramaturge only works in film.

3. A dramaturge works on the overall structure of a script while a script doctor works on one or two parts.

4. hey dramaturge gets credit for the work while the script doctor does not.



A dramaturge works on the overall structure of a script, while a script doctor works on one or two parts.



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Adrian is a costume designer working on costumes for a play. He asks the costume shop to add wrinkles to a shirt to make it look used. He is using the technique of the costume. He also asks the shop to color a scarf with a deep blue pigment. He is using the technique of the scarf.


Answer: The correct answers are Ageing and Dyeing


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Is this statement true or false?Self-taught limners painted many portraits in early America.




Yes, it is true that self-taught limners painted many portraits in early America.

Who were self-taught limner painters?

Self-taught painters who were experts in painting limner painting were active during 1600 in America. These painters have not qualified for any formal education in painting but were famous in their native regions for their supreme artistic work.

Therefore, these artists made use of limner painting that was illuminator of manuscripts. They use to work on metals like silver, glass, or textiles as well as uses the ornamental painting of clocks, furniture, signs, coaches, and landscapes.        

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i think it would be true

Identify the stage directions in this excerpt from Trifles by Susan Glaspell. MRS PETERS: I don't know, unless it got sick and died. (She reaches over and swings the broken door, swings it again, both women watch it.) MRS HALE: You weren't raised round here, were you? (MRS PETERS shakes her head) You didn't know—her? MRS PETERS: Not till they brought her yesterday.


The answer is the text in parentheses, where the actions and directions are described. Stage directions is basically what the actors are supposed to do on stage. For example : pick up a pan. So basically everything in pars theses are stage directions

What did artists often do in their compositions as a result of theReformation?

A. They placed religious symbols in the background.

B. They set mythical subjects in highly realistic natural settings,

C. They depicted grotesque versions of familiar Catholic icons.

D. They relied entirely on Protestant subjects for biblical paintingo!


They placed religious symbols in the background did artists often do in their compositions as a result of the Reformation. Hence, option A is correct.

What is Reformation?

A religious movement called the Reformation, also referred to as the Protestant Reformation, emerged in the Western church in the 16th century. Without a doubt, its most significant leaders were John Calvin and Martin Luther.

In the 1500s, a religious reform movement called the Protestant Reformation swept over Europe. As a result, a variety of religious movements that separated from the Roman Catholic Church due to doctrinal differences gave rise to a branch of Christianity known as Protestantism.

It is difficult to identify any one aspect of the Reformation that was essential to its success. Because it provided sustainability at scale and spurred a paradigm shift in the apparel sector, the business is successful.

Thus, option A is correct.

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they placed relgioes sybols in the backround


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