After a fire destroys a forest, the area will most likely


Answer 1


Re-grow new plants over a long period of time


Answer 2

Secondary succession..

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Why is the cyclical adjusted budget balnce a better measure of long run sustainability of government policies than the actual budget balance?
The developmental approach to labeling (A) defines normal according to standards established by a given culture.(B) is based on an individual's deviations from an average in the areas of physical, social, and intellectual growth(C) reflects an individual's perceptions about himself/herself.(D) defines normal as the absence of psychological abnormality
How could Benjamin Franklin’s Albany plan of union have solved some of the problems leading up to the French and Indian War?
A study of samples in 32 countries showed that individualism was positively correlated with higher expressivity of emotions, especially happiness and surprise. Individualism was negatively correlated with expression of sadness. What is your understanding of these research findings?
From person-to-person and concept-to-concept our brains process information: a.Uniquely, and unlike any other person b.In much the same way c.Differently, based upon our upbringing d.In a specialized way, reflecting different cultures

Before the Internet and smartphones became standard features of most people's lives in the United States, people mainly relied on phone calls or letters to exchange information with friends, dating partners, and business associates. This earlier context of communication lackeda. time-spaceb. clock timec. instantaneousnessd. proximity



This earlier context of communication lacked: c. instantaneousness.


Communication via internet through smartphones and computers create a faster way of communication. This creates instantaneousness, while the other communication via letters wasn't characterized by instant messangers that arrive at the very moment.

"Urban Populations" should fall under which sections of your organizer?a. Topic
C. Both of these
b. Content
d. None of these
Please select the best answer from the choices provided
Α topic
Cloth of these
Donne of there



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Which term describes the materials magma is made of?A. cooled

B. molten

C. intrusive

D. extrusive


Molten: describes the materials magma is made of. Thus, option B is the correct option.

"Molten" is a term used to describe materials that have undergone a transition from a solid state to a liquid state due to intense heat. In the context of geology, it specifically refers to substances such as rocks and minerals that have melted into a liquid form, as is the case with magma.

Magma is composed of a mixture of elements, compounds, and minerals that have been subjected to extremely high temperatures within the Earth's crust. This molten material is the precursor to both volcanic eruptions and igneous rock formation, playing a critical role in shaping the Earth's surface and geological processes.

Thus, option B is the correct option.

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nothing else makes sense

Your friend subscribes to the notion that people interact with their environments through the human-made ideas that have been passed down to them across history. Your friend is most likely to be associated with which of the following?a) wilhelm Wundt’s Elements of Folk Psychology.
b) the Russian cultural-historical school
c) culture and personality studies
d) early theories in social psychology
e) jerome Bruner and the launching of the cognitive revolution


The answer should be C) culture and personality studies

If you have an issue with a course or professor, who do you contact?


Instructors of all levels can be intimidating, but that does not give them the right to misuse their position. If you have a problem with a professor, there is a mechanism for dealing with it.

Spend some time drafting a concise, professional letter to ensure that your complaint is treated seriously. Suggest that they speak with the chairperson of their department or division first;

Stay Detached

  • Maintain a detached and honest tone in your letter. Stick to your narrow set of grievances and avoid harsh, or criticizing tones.

Present Background Information

  • "I am writing to you because of a terrible situation that has occurred in Mr. Johnson's advanced Math class," for example, maybe the first sentence of your letter. All of these circumstances will necessitate detailed explanations.

State the Facts

  • If you just have one issue or incident with the instructor, keep your explanation for that one incident. If the problem persists, you must recall as many occurrences as possible.

Request a Solution

  • End with a respectful plea for a solution. If you don't think the problem can be remedied through communication, ask for disciplinary action. Include a salutation and a closing, and keep the letter formal and readable.

For more information regarding professors leading a good class, refer to the link:



The first step is to talk to the course professor directly to know what is the problem if it can be iron out BTW the two of you but if it cant be resolve then u try to contact your level adviser seeking for his advise on the matter, if the case still remain the same try to contact the department directly through the head if department for solution and after there the last stage is the dean of the faculty who can now take the case to the school management if he cant solve it

Media literacy involves all of the following except: Group of answer choices not confusing messages and messengers having a clear framework for the history and traditions of media understanding the limitations and possibilities of various media platforms appropriately balancing the costs and benefits of various media messages



D. appropriately balancing the costs and benefits of various media messages


Appropriately balancing the costs and benefits of various media messages is not part of media literacy.

Actually, it does not define and describe the scope of media literacy.

Media literacy covers the various types of media and the messages they send out. What is being presented is actually very important.

Final answer:

While media literacy does encompass understanding not to confuse messages and messengers, cognizing the history, and traditions of media, and recognizing the limitations and possibilities of various media platforms, it typically does not include appropriately balancing the costs and benefits of various media messages.


Media literacy involves understanding not to confuse messages and messengers, having a clear awareness of the history and traditions of media, and recognizing the limitations and possibilities of various media platforms. However, appropriately balancing the costs and benefits of various media messages is not typically included in the concept of media literacy. Media literacy primarily focuses on the ability to access, analyze, evaluate, and create media in a variety of forms, rather than evaluating their costs and benefits.

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