The string expression strVar.____________________ starts at index pos, replaces the next n characters of strVar with all the characters of str.


Answer 1


strVar.replace(pos, n, str);


The strVar.replace() is a javascript function of searching and replacing a string for a defined value, whereby it finds and returns a new string where the defined values are replaced.

For example: to return a string where "Trump" is replaced with "Biden":

We have

var str = "Welcome Trump!";

var res = str.replace("Trump", "Biden", str);

Hence, in this case, the correct answer is strVar.replace(pos, n, str);

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I haven't seen your lesson, but I would:

- Not use PPTP, but rather OpenVPN or equivalent
- Consider using client certificates
- Consider using a token generator (a piece of hardware that generates access codes).

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Following is given the data as required.

The images for histograms for age and gender are also attached below.

I hope it will help you!


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C, C, B, C, C, B, B or D, D, A or C, A, D


I am not taking whatever course you are taking, but I would like to know what you're taking. I have only answered the questions to the best of my abilities, so they might be wrong. Next time please award more points for a question so long.

Describe how data is transmitted using half-duplex serial data transmission.


Half-duplex serial data transmission allows for communication in both directions, but only one direction at a time. In applications such as walkie-talkies and traditional telephone systems.

In half-duplex serial data transmission, data is transmitted in one direction at a time

1. Sender initiates transmission: The sender, also known as the transmitter, starts the data transmission process. It prepares the data to be sent and waits for the appropriate time to start transmitting.

2. Sender sends data: The sender begins sending the data in a sequential manner. It breaks down the data into smaller units called frames or packets.

3. Receiver acknowledges receipt: After receiving each frame, the receiver acknowledges its successful reception to the sender.

4. Sender waits for acknowledgment: Upon sending a frame, the sender waits for the receiver's acknowledgment. If an acknowledgment is received, the sender proceeds to send the next frame.

5. Receiver processes the data: The receiver receives the frames and processes the data within each frame. It checks for errors using techniques like checksums or cyclic redundancy checks (CRC).

6. Roles switch for bidirectional communication: Once the sender finishes transmitting its data, the roles switch and the receiver becomes the sender, initiating its own transmission.

7. Communication continues: The process continues as the receiver sends its data and waits for acknowledgments, while the new sender processes the received data and sends acknowledgments.

Overall, half-duplex serial data transmission allows for communication in both directions, but only one direction at a time. This type of transmission is commonly used in applications such as walkie-talkies and traditional telephone systems.

Learn more about half-duplex serial here;



In half duplex mode, the signal is sent in both directions, but one at a time. In full duplex mode, the signal is sent in both directions at the same time. In simplex mode, only one device can transmit the signal. In half duplex mode, both devices can transmit the signal, but one at a time.

What is Interface in computers



An interface could be the design of the homescreen or the way a shell of a computer is designed. I could be wrong tho......


When forced distribution is used to reduce leniency bias, this can cause __________ if a pfp system is in place?


When forced distribution is used to reduce leniency bias, this can cause <decreased trust> between employees if a pfp system is in place.


When forced distribution is used to reduce leniency bias, this can cause (decreased trust between employees) if a pfp system is in place.


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