In Bronze AgeBronze was present in ------------------ Mountains. People in the UAE region traded that with Mesopotamia, which led to economic growth.


Answer 1


Bronze was present in the Samaria mountains.

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Though he never spoke to her, Jennifer had an uneasy feeling about the man on the train and she moved quickly to another car. Jennifer is using what skill?
Select the two true statements.A. When abnormal brain structure or abnormal biochemistry is present the individual can not meet the criteria for a mental disorder.B. Diagnostic and Statistical Manual critics say that it is making almost any kind of behavior a disorder and that a diagnosis is a label which is subjectively applied.C. Dissociative identity disorder and schizophrenia are the same disorder.D. Diagnostic classification describes disorders, attempts to predict the course of disorders, and prompts research into causes of disorders.E. Mental disorders usually lead to violent crimes and clinical prediction of violence is reliable.
Describe America’s position and goals post World War II, including what assumptions were made. 2. Describe the Soviet Union’s position and goals post World War II.
2 ANSWERS FOR DOUBLE POINTS AND BRAINLIEST!! Sumerians emerged but what other empire and language emerged?The Akkadian empire had a leader named......
What polices and programmes have been launced in nepal for human resourse development ​

What role do Political Parties play in the United States?



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_____ is Canada's most cosmopolitan city and features a wide variety of immigrant-rich neighborhoods in older downtown districts, as well as distinctive ethnic enclaves in the older, inner suburbs.





Analyze the map below and answer the question that follows. A satellite map of Europe. Areas on the map are circled and labeled 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5. 1 is Norway and Sweden. 2 is Denmark. 3 is Spain and Portugal. 4 is Italy. 5 is Greece. Image courtesy of NASA Which of the following peninsulas is located in region 3 on the map above? A. the Jutland Peninsula B. the Balkan Peninsula C. the Iberian Peninsula D. the Apennine Peninsula Please select the best answer from the choices provided A B C D



Correct answer is C. the Iberian Peninsula


A is not correct as Denmark, marked with number 2, is on the Jutland Peninsula.

B is not correct as Greece, marked with number 5 is on the Balkan Peninsula.

C is correct as Spain and Portugal, which are marked with number 3 are on the Iberian Peninsula.

D is not correct as Italy, marked with number 4 is on the Apennine Peninsula.


the answer is c


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Read this excerpt from "Why Are They Called Black Holes?"

The gravity of a black hole will swallow matter and light that drift close enough to it. Some light passing by a black hole can be far enough away that it could avoid being sucked in, but the path of the light would still be bent by gravity.

Which statement best describes the relationship between the bending of a ray of light and a black hole?

When light disappears, it causes a black hole to come into existence.
A ray of light has gravity that will cause a black hole to move toward it.
Gravity from a black hole will pull a ray of light and cause its path to change.
A black hole’s gravity can cause a ray of light to gain gravity and attract objects.


As, by the given statement, gravity from a black hole will pull a ray of light and cause its path to change. Best describes the relationship between the bending of a ray of light and a black hole.

What is the statement?

Statements are sentences that express an information, idea, or opinion. Statements do not ask questions, make requests or give speech act. They are also not auditory communication.

As, the relationship between the bending of a ray of light and a black hole. The region around the black hole is a dark, round concretism. Light rays that pass a little longer away don't get caught, but do get bent by the black hole's graveness.

Therefore, The right option (C) is correct.

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Identical twins Jessica and Jenny live with their biological parents. Jessica took an intelligence test when she was 9 years old and got a score of 100. Jenny took the same test. What would you predict Jenny's score to be





Final answer:

Jenny's intelligence test score is likely to be close to Jessica's based on their genetic similarity as identical twins. However, factors like environment and personal experiences can also influence IQ, potentially leading to some differences in their scores.


Based on the genetic similarity between identical twins, we can infer that their intelligence quotient (IQ) might also be similar, given that genes play a substantial role in determining intelligence. This conclusion is supported by several twin studies which have found a higher correlation in the intelligence levels of identical twins raised apart than that of unrelated individuals. Therefore, we can predict that Jenny's intelligence test score would be relatively close to Jessica's score of 100. However, it's also important to remember that while genetics play an important role, environmental factors, learning experiences, and unique variations in epigenetic factors can also have significant influence on a person's intelligence. These factors may cause some divergence in the IQ scores of identical twins.

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The so-called "death of god" was a critical component of nietzsche's philosophy; without it, none of his claims make sense. explain what nietzsche meant by the phrase "god is dead" and how that claim drove his search for the "overman" or ubermensch, and the "master morality."


Nietzsche, the German philosopher, is well-known by his sentence “god is dead”. This words should not be taken literally since what Nietzsche wanted to say was that he never believed in God so he (God) could have never died as he never existed, so this sentence is a metaphor. Nietzsche wanted to express that the Christian God is no longer the believable source of faith of absolute moral principles.  

Nietzsche was an atheist during his adult life, so he never believed in God’s existence. Throughout his sentence, Nietzsche express not only the fact that God died, but also the fact that the human being killed him with the purpose of reaching a greater understanding of the universe. In other words, when the human being question himself, he killed God. But, for Nietzsche, the dead of God unleashes a certain crisis since society was born and established with these moral principles.  

With that being said, the “overman” is understood by Nietzsche as the person who is able to create his/her own principle’s system by identifying as “good” everything that proceeds from his/her own genuine will of power. Thus, traditional principles represented by Christianism subdue the weakest people to a “slave morality”.  Nietzsche thought these principles should disappear in order to find new ones that could represent his prototype of the ideal human being, “the overman”.